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Trends in Lip Augmentation

Posted On 06/20/2018 by Dr. Christopher Zoumalan

before after picture of a female lip augmentation patient

Lip augmentation has been around longer than most people realize, being traced back hundreds and hundreds of years when tribes would use different materials to enhance the size of their lips. This shows that bigger, fuller lips are nothing new, but the science behind undergoing a safe lip augmentation has improved significantly. Dr. Zoumalan takes pride in delivering lasting results for lip augmentation in Los Angeles and an environment every patient can feel comfortable in.

Reasons to Consider Lip Augmentation

Whether you have always wanted fuller lips or age has begun to thin them, there are many reasons you may be considering a lip augmentation procedure. The main reason most people have for receiving injections is to improve your face’s fullness and symmetry. This is something you may desire if you have uneven lips or too much gum exposure when you smile. Whatever your reason is for considering this procedure, it is important to remember that not all patients are suitable candidates. Each patient has a unique set of desires and needs, and the goals for every person’s augmentation will be different.

Balance is Better Than Bigger

There are many trends in lip augmentation, but overall, the most important thing to highlight is that having natural looking lips is more important than the size of the lips themselves. Unlike the popular belief of the 1980’s, size is not everything, and sometimes having balance is better than having the biggest lips. Although at one point in time, this may have been a symbol of power and prestige, it now runs the risk of appearing cartoonish and overly exaggerated. As we are learning more and more about moderation and natural alternatives, this also applies to areas of our lives like cosmetic surgery. Do not let the overfilling trends of the past plague you for the future.

Consumer Education

We live in the information world which means that hundreds of sources regarding any topic are at our fingertips. More patients are becoming aware of the dangers of poor injection techniques and materials and are demanding that doctors increase their quality. These resources also help the best doctors to stand out due to patient reviews and recommendations. Top brands and high-quality clinicians will be sought after more aggressively, as well as the newest forms of lip augmentation that are safe and reliable.

Quality of Injectors

The longer that something exists, the more sophisticated it gets; the same is true for lip augmentation. With new injections and techniques, patients want to have a doctor who is experienced and artistic in their profession. Because of the rise in consumer education stated above, patients no longer view all doctors the same and will be on the lookout for doctors who stand out from the rest. Dr. Zoumalan has performed thousands of lip fillers and is an injector trainer, which means he not only has personal experience, but also instructs other physicians about the safest and latest advancements in lip filler techniques. If you want the expertise of a renowned doctor and teacher, contact Dr. Zoumalan for your lip augmentation in Los Angeles.

Better Cosmetic Equipment and Injection Materials

As technology increases, so does the efficiency and safety of the equipment used. This trend means remarkable things for the future, as it benefits the patients and doctors alike. The equipment and techniques are not the only things advancing in the industry, but the materials used as well. Things like paraffin, silicone, and synthetic substances proved unsuccessful in the past, and doctors are always striving to find solutions that are minimally invasive, long lasting, and safe.

Dr. Zoumalan uses hyaluronic acid fillers for lip augmentation with tremendous success. Depending on the specific filler, these injections last anywhere from 6 months to a full year.

Lip Augmentation in Los Angeles

Lip augmentation has come a long way over the past few decades and cosmetic surgeons are always striving to become even better as evident by the top trends in lip augmentation for 2018. If you are considering lip augmentation in Los Angeles, be sure to contact Dr. Zoumalan, and discus your options today.

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