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Due to Christopher I Zoumalan, MD FACS’s passion to improve medical procedures and patient care, he continues to be devoted to research and is currently involved in various clinical and basic science research projects. He has authored nearly 100 peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, and international publications. He is an invited author to various internationally recognized books including: Encyclopedia of Ophthalmology, International Aesthetic Surgery, Manual of Oculoplastic Surgery (5th Edition), Principles and Practice of Ophthalmology (3rd Edition), and most recently Smith’s Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (3rd Edition).

Here are some of Dr Zoumalan’s highlighted publications in the fields of Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Ophthalmology. (Click on the images below to direct you to his publications).

Journal Publications

Christopher I Zoumalan, MD FACS is recognized for his research in Oculoplastic Surgery, injectable fillers, and tropical product formulations for scar therapy and hyperpigmentation. He continues to publish on these topics and is considered a world-authority in Oculoplastic Surgery, injectable fillers, and topical product formulations.

He continues to serve as an expert author for the internationally acclaimed medical website, emedicine.com, writing in various topics within Oculoplastic Surgery, peer reviewers for several internationally recognized peer-reviewed medical journals, and also serves as a consultant for various online medical educational courses.

Given his accomplishments, Christopher I Zoumalan, MD FACS was nominated into 2007’s Who’s Who in America (http://www.marquiswhoswho.com).

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Dr. Christopher Zoumalan is a board-certified oculoplastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, specializing in aesthetic and reconstructive oculoplastic surgery. Dr. Zoumalan is passionate about helping patients reach their ideal aesthetic and restore functionality with the leading cosmetic eyelid surgery, reconstructive eyelid surgery, and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Dr. Zoumalan has been featured on several television shows and has traveled the world as a trusted oculoplastic specialist. Browse the video gallery below to learn more about oculoplastic procedures and treatments.
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