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Nasolabial Fillers

Nasolabial filler injections are performed to address smile lines or marionette lines. Over time, marionette lines can form. Although there is no way to prevent smile lines, nasolabial folds can reverse the effects of aging and reveal younger, more radiant skin. As aging occurs, collagen is lost, and skin elasticity weakens. Dr. Zoumalan offers the leading nasolabial filler treatment for patients who wish to address laugh lines. Nasolabial filler injections can effectively restore volume, smooth lines, and soften wrinkles. Dr. Zoumalan utilizes the most advanced filler techniques and technology to achieve natural results for all facial filler treatments. Hyaluronic acid fillers are used for the nasolabial filler treatment. Dr. Zoumalan believes that hyaluronic fillers are the safest option for patients considering facial fillers.

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Candidates may have moderate to deep-set nasolabial folds caused by loss of volume and collagen. If the nasolabial folds are secondary to cheek or midface volume loss, Dr. Zoumalan will first correct the cheek and/or midface areas with hyaluronic acid fillers.  Once the cheek and midface area corrected to the desired correction and there is still some visible nasolabial folds, Dr Zoumalan will likely recommend nasolabial fillers at that point.  Patients must be in good health, take diligent care of their skin and have realistic expectations. Candidates may also want to avoid surgical, invasive procedures. Dr. Zoumalan will meet with each patient for a comprehensive consultation to determine the patient’s candidacy for the injection treatment. A thorough facial exam will be performed by Dr. Zoumalan. Patients will discuss the skin issues they would like to address with the nasolabial filler injections. Dr. Zoumalan will create a personalized treatment plan for the patient. Dr. Zoumalan will spend time educating the patient on all procedure and recovery details.

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The nasolabial procedure will take around 30 minutes to complete in-office. Dr. Zoumalan will begin the treatment by applying a topical anesthetic to prepare the area of concern. Dr. Zoumalan will then carefully place the injections either with very carefully placed injections or with a blunt-tipped cannula. Blunt-tipped cannulas are safe, and decrease bruising and discomfort during injection treatments. The number of injections and treatment sessions will vary based on the patient’s desired aesthetic and Dr. Zoumalan’s expertise.


The nasolabial filler injection treatment requires minimal downtime. Patients may experience slight swelling several days after the treatment. A cold compress can be applied for the first two days following the injections. Bruising may occur at the injection site and will subside within a few days of the procedure. Patients can resume all normal activities immediately after injections. All strenuous activities should be avoided for 24 hours following the treatment. Tylenol can be taken for any discomfort. Dr. Zoumalan will meet with patients for a follow-up procedure to monitor the healing process. Patients may ask any questions or state concerns they may have about the recovery process during the appointment. All nasolabial filler results are reversible.

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