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Christopher I Zoumalan, MD FACS’s compassion to provide patient care is seen worldwide, as he volunteers his time to perform Oculoplastic Surgery for impoverished international communities. He is a volunteer staff member for the Volunteer Health Program (VHP) (www.volunteerhealthprogram.org). The VHP is a nonprofit health care program, which focuses on primary medical and surgical eye care to underserved rural areas in Central America and the Dominican Republic. Christopher I Zoumalan, MD FACS carefully evaluates each patient and performs Oculoplastic Surgery for individuals that would otherwise have little to no access to such medical care. Volunteering for VHP has provided Christopher I Zoumalan, MD FACS with life changing, extremely gratifying, and humbling experiences; and he continues to support the organization by volunteering his skills every year. The video below is an approximate 5 minute footage of the trip and can give the viewer an idea of the experience Christopher I Zoumalan, MD FACS had on his most recent trip in March, 2012.

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Dr. Christopher Zoumalan is a board-certified oculoplastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, specializing in aesthetic and reconstructive oculoplastic surgery. Dr. Zoumalan is passionate about helping patients reach their ideal aesthetic and restore functionality with the leading cosmetic eyelid surgery, reconstructive eyelid surgery, and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Dr. Zoumalan has been featured on several television shows and has traveled the world as a trusted oculoplastic specialist. Browse the video gallery below to learn more about oculoplastic procedures and treatments.
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