Why Taking Care of Eyelids is So Important

Woman taking care of her eyelids.

Eyelid hygiene isn’t something you would normally consider as part of your daily routine. However, a lot of skin and brow complications can happen as a result of unclean or unmanaged eyelids. That is why our experts at the office of Dr. Christopher Zoumalan want to tell you about the importance of taking care of …

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Aesthetics of the Lips

Up close face image of showing the aesthetics of the lips.

What is it that makes lips attractive? Why do people seek out thick, plump, and full lips to complement the shape of their face? If you want a more desirable lip shape, you might be interested to learn more about the proper aesthetics of the lips. As the most sensual part of the face, lips …

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Are Dark Circles Hereditary?

Are dark circles hereditary.

Do you have dark circles under your eyes? If so, you might not be feeling great every time you look in a mirror. These circles can be a result of underlying medical issues, or it could be a genetic trait. This begs the question: Are dark circles hereditary? Are Dark Circles Hereditary? If you have …

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How to Not Look Tired All the Time

How not to look tired all the time.

There are many reasons that you may look tired. An unpredictable sleep schedule, poor diet, dehydration, and stress are all capable of making you look a little worse for the wear. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to combat visible fatigue in these cases. With a few lifestyle changes and improvements to your skincare routine, you will …

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How to Get the Best Results with Lip Fillers

How to get the best results with lip fillers.

Every woman wants the benefits of a fuller, prettier pout, but we aren’t all born that way. Women with naturally thin lips or those who have lost some fullness with age may feel less feminine. They may also be disappointed at their inability to participate in current makeup trends, emphasizing a dramatic and beautiful lip. …

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What’s the Best Age for a Brow Lift?

What's the best age for a brow lift?

As much as we might wish for definite answers, the truth is that no two people will age in exactly the same way. Therefore, the best age for a brow lift varies greatly from person to person. It is based on their genetics, diet, and skincare routine. That being said, most certified plastic surgeons state …

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