How to Treat Your Under Eye Bags

concept of woman wanting to treat her under eye bags

Under Eye Bags aren’t necessarily a medical issue that you need to be concerned about, but they are an aesthetic nuisance and one that can detract from your general quality of life if you’re not careful to apply maintenance to your appearance. Below, we cover how to treat your under eye bags. Knowing the right …

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Benefits of Eye Bag Injections

The image shows a before and after portrait of a woman who has undergone anti wrinkle treatment to visualize the benefits of eye bag injections.

Eye bag injections can give a patient a revitalized and reinvigorated appearance to an area of the body that can be vulnerable to the progression of the years and less-than-perfect lifestyle decisions. A clear overview of the benefits of eye bag injections can help more people decide to seek them out. Many who could benefit …

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How to Make Dermal Fillers Last Longer

The image shows a woman touching her cheekbone. The image serves to represent how one might make their dermal fillers last longer

Facial filler treatments are a type of aesthetic enhancement that can round out and add fullness to various parts of a patient’s body, primarily the face. They have become an indispensable part of a plastic surgeon’s toolkit. If you are receiving this type of treatment, you likely want to extend the lifespan of your results as …

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Top Risk Factors for Eyelid Skin Cancer

featured image for top risk factors for eyelid skin cancer

Eyelid skin cancer is a rare form of skin cancer that appears on the eyelids. Although relatively uncommon, eyelid skin cancer is just as dangerous as any other form of skin cancer, and should be addressed professionally and thoroughly in order to enact lifesaving care. Below, we cover the top risk factors for eyelid skin …

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Genetic Reasons for Eyelid Ptosis

featured image for genetic reasons for eyelid ptosis

Ptosis is a condition of the upper eyelids in which the lids begin to droop and sag. It can happen for any number of reasons, and in extreme cases, it can obscure one’s vision and interfere with one’s daily life. Below, we cover the genetic reasons for eyelid ptosis. If this begins to happen, an …

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How Oculofacial Surgeons Treat Genetic Dark Circles

featured image for article about how oculofacial surgeons treat genetic dark circles

Dark circles can be a somewhat embarrassing and uncomely physical feature that leaves patients looking less than their best. Oftentimes, these dark circles arise out of no fault of the patient and can persist in irritating ways despite lifestyle changes. Below, we cover how oculofacial surgeons treat genetic dark circles. In fact, many patients end …

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