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Most Subtle Types of Cosmetic Surgery

Posted On 08/29/2018 by Dr. Christopher Zoumalan

before after picture of a female lip surgery patient

Although the cosmetic surgery industry has continued to increase over the years due to easier access to doctors and more cost-effective procedures, not everyone is looking for a full makeover. There is a large contingency of potential patients that are looking for non-surgical procedures that highlight areas, as well as natural looking surgeries and augmentations. Dr. Zoumalan offers a wide array of cosmetic surgery options that will naturally highlight those troublesome areas, including, non-surgical eyelid blepharoplasty, cheek augmentation, and lip augmentation in Los Angeles. Here are some subtle cosmetic surgery options.

Broader Botox

Many doctors use Botox as a way to create features in the face that were not initially there, but by implementing a broader, more subtle use of Botox, you can fix troublesome areas without any perceived change to the structure of the face. This use of Botox is quick and has very little recovery time, because it is being used to revitalize the face rather than change it. Frown lines, crow’s feet, glabellar lines, and neck bands are some of the things that can be smoothed out with this non-invasive procedure. As age and life decrease the elasticity of your skin, you can now give it a quick pick me up.

Lip Augmentation

There are many reasons you may want a lip augmentation, such as your lips being too thin, shape and size decreasing with age, or too much gum exposure in your smile. Whatever the reason, Dr. Zoumalan will be able to provide lip augmentation in Los Angeles with the most subtle and natural look. By using nonsurgical filler injections, you will achieve a natural look that gives you the confidence and lip structure you have always longed for.

Because this procedure is so effective, it can be done the same day as your consultation, and there is very little risk involved. Recovery time is usually only 24 hours, which is an added benefit since most people are busy and don’t have time for lengthy recoveries.

Contact Dr. Zoumalan today to get a consultation and have a more balanced and youthful face.

Eyelid Surgery

Undergoing eyelid surgery is a great way to remove a tired appearance or improve your vision due to excess skin. These types of procedures are extremely subtle because most people do not pay attention to the size and shape of your eyelid exclusively; eyelids are usually observed with the face as a whole. Undergoing eyelid surgery can help bring new life to your face that looks natural. Whether you choose an upper or lower blepharoplasty, there are some considerations to take into account. First, if you suffer from chronic dry eye symptoms, you will need to get this condition treated by an eye doctor prior to any eyelid surgery. Dr. Zoumalan would recommend fixing your dry eye symptoms before undergoing the procedure, and in most cases, would not start the operation until the dry eye symptoms have been resolved. Second, the recovery time for eyelid surgery is longer than noninvasive procedures. Be prepared to have some swelling and bruising that can last for 1-2 weeks. It’s important to take it easy that first week, limit your activity, reading, and television watching. While most of the swelling and bruising dissipates by the second week, the incisions may take several months to fully heal, but they are not visible to others since they are hidden within your natural crease. By week one to two, most patients can resume daily life normally and go back to their full routine from before the procedure.

Electing for one of these more subtle cosmetic surgery options will give you the most natural look, and help you feel younger and look more vibrant. Dr. Zoumalan is passionate about his patients and industry and received the Merck Award during his training, which is awarded to those graduates with the highest academic achievements. Dr. Zoumalan continues to perform cutting edge research within his field, and also is a Adjunct Clinical Professor at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. Contact him today for the best lip augmentation in Los Angeles, and other natural looking procedures, by clicking here.

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