Aesthetics of the Lips

Up close face image of showing the aesthetics of the lips.

What is it that makes lips attractive? Why do people seek out thick, plump, and full lips to complement the shape of their face? If you want a more desirable lip shape, you might be interested to learn more about the proper aesthetics of the lips. As the most sensual part of the face, lips …

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Most Subtle Types of Cosmetic Surgery


Although the cosmetic surgery industry has continued to increase over the years due to easier access to doctors and more cost-effective procedures, not everyone is looking for a full makeover. There is a large contingency of potential patients that are looking for non-surgical procedures that highlight areas, as well as natural looking surgeries and augmentations. …

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Cheek Filler FAQs


Are your cheeks suffering from signs of aging? Are you experiencing sagging skin in certain areas of your face? Fortunately, this is something that can be easily corrected. Dr. Christopher Zoumalan offers non-surgical cheek fillers in Beverly Hills to lift the wrinkles from your face and give you a full, youthful appearance. But, what exactly …

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