Aesthetics of the Lips

What is it that makes lips attractive? Why do people seek out thick, plump, and full lips to complement the shape of their face? If you want a more desirable lip shape, you might be interested to learn more about the proper aesthetics of the lips. As the most sensual part of the face, lips can speak volumes about your personality and confidence. Here are some of the biggest features and elements to look out for when seeking lip fillers in Los Angeles.

Aesthetics of the Lips: Achieving Desirable Lip Shape

When patients reach out to our expert plastic surgeons for a lip filler or augmentation procedure, the first step we take is to speak with them about desired lip shape. Some find the ideal lip shape to contain a cupid’s bow on top and a half-moon shape on the bottom, while others want lips that are even fuller.

We can work with your specific needs and desires to achieve the lips that complement the shape of your face and make you feel confident about yourself. There is a range of non-invasive to surgical procedures that can help you achieve the look you want.

Available Lip Enhancement Procedures

There is scientific proof to show that lips can change the look of your entire face. That is why so many patients seek different ways to change the shape or fullness of their lips. You can find available high-end procedures at your local cosmetic specialist’s office in Los Angeles:

Lip Resurfacing

Resurfacing involves the use of a laser to get rid of dead skin and encourage new growth. Are your lips damaged due to sun damage or skin blemishes? Then you can invest in laser resurfacing to smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. It is also a good way to eliminate the signs of aging.

Lip Fillers

You can get dermal fillers to “plump up” your lips, giving them a much bigger and fuller appearance. If you don’t want a hugely dramatic change to your face but want to increase the size of your lips, you can find out if you are a candidate for this non-surgical procedure.

Chemical Peel

A chemical peel allows you to get rid of damaged and dead skin. You can shed old skin and regrow new skin, keeping you feeling smooth and useful. This procedure encourages your skin to be healthy, increasing your skin’s ability to remain full and plump for longer periods of time.

Lip Lift

A lip lift occurs mainly with the upper lift. This type of augmentation procedure is used for those dissatisfied with the small size of their upper lips. This surgery is combined with a lip filler to create a large, full upper lip. This is one of the most popular procedures for restoring fullness to the mouth.

Fat Grafting

An alternative to a dermal filler, fat grafting removes excess fat from a different part of your body and injects it into your lips. This can help you contour your body more while adding the fullness to your lips that you always wanted. Use your body’s own fat cells to alter your look and restore volume where it matters most.

Find the Perfect Lip Enhancer for You!

At the office of Dr. Christopher Zoumalan, top-rated oculofacial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, you can pursue a range of high-end lip enhancement procedures that will help you achieve the perfect look. Whether you want to increase the fullness of your lips or restore more youthfulness to your face, you can find a lip treatment that works best for you. Get ahold of our cosmetic surgery experts today to learn more about the procedures you are a good candidate for.

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