Why Taking Care of Eyelids is So Important

Eyelid hygiene isn’t something you would normally consider as part of your daily routine. However, a lot of skin and brow complications can happen as a result of unclean or unmanaged eyelids. That is why our experts at the office of Dr. Christopher Zoumalan want to tell you about the importance of taking care of your eyelids daily. Here are some easy cleanliness tips to adapt to your hygiene routine as well as some positive facts about upper eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills.

Why Taking Care of Eyelids is So Important

The eyelids exist to protect our eyes against dirt, dust, pollens, and other harmful substances that travel through the air. Our eyelids also help us sleep comfortably while keeping the eyes moist. This helps the eyes develop a tear film that keeps out harmful microbes and bacteria.

Your eyelids are the thinnest pieces of skin on your entire body, and they still contain delicate nerves and muscles. They are your eyes’ only protection against the element, and as a shield, they take the brunt of the damage. This is why it is especially important to keep them clean. Neglecting their care can lead to a number of serious complications.

Complications that Come from Improper Eyelid Care

Problems large and small can arise from a lack of proper eyelid care. Whether they have become dirty due to injury or uncleanliness, it is important to know which medical issues can come from the eyelids. Take a look at some common complications:


Blepharitis comes from a bacterial infection or a similar source that spreads inflammation throughout the eyelids. This is when dirt and oil get clogged behind the eyelashes, causing a buildup of dirt. Symptoms of blepharitis typically include flaky skin, swollen eyelids, and a greasy feeling.

Dry Eye Syndrome

If your eyelids are clogged with dirt or other pollens, you may not be able to produce enough tears to keep your eyes protected. This can result in your eyes always feeling dry since your lids prevent necessary oils from being secreted. Blurred vision, increased sensitivity to light, and difficulty wearing contact lenses are some big signs of dry eye syndrome.

Benefits of Upper Eyelid Surgery

Whether for medical or cosmetic reasons, a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) can remove some of the complications that are causing issues in your eyes. A buildup of dirt can cause a sty or a tumor, which may need to be surgically removed. You may also need to have the excess skin on your eyelids removed to prevent drooping and dirt buildup.

Excess skin can make you look tired and make it more difficult for you to engage in a healthy daily routine. Sagging eyelids can block your vision while making it all too easy for dirt to get into your eyes. Speak with your blepharoplasty specialist to learn more about how this procedure can help you get back on the path to good health.

Eyelid Care Tips

Want to avoid some of the complications and issues that can come from a lack of eyelid care? Practice these daily routine tips to stay in good health:

  • Wet a washcloth with a little bit of mild face cleaning solution.
  • Wipe your eyelashes and eyelids gently.
  • Rinse once or twice using warm water.
  • Apply a dry towel to remove dampness from the crevices of your eyelids.
  • Replace makeup brushes and cosmetic products at least once every six months.

If you are dealing with pain, swelling, irritation, or blurriness as a result of your eyelids, it is important to get in touch with your doctor right away. The longer you wait, the more seriously you can be harmed by unhealthy eyelids.

Get Premium Eyelid Care Today

Looking to improve your vision and reduce swelling in your eyes? It’s time for you to consider a much-needed eyelid treatment as soon as possible. Get in touch with your Beverly Hills eyelid surgeon to learn more about good eyelid health and hygiene. Don’t forget to include eyelid health as a part of your daily routine!

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