Top Risk Factors for Eyelid Skin Cancer

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Eyelid skin cancer is a rare form of skin cancer that appears on the eyelids. Although relatively uncommon, eyelid skin cancer is just as dangerous as any other form of skin cancer, and should be addressed professionally and thoroughly in order to enact lifesaving care. Below, we cover the top risk factors for eyelid skin …

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Genetic Reasons for Eyelid Ptosis

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Ptosis is a condition of the upper eyelids in which the lids begin to droop and sag. It can happen for any number of reasons, and in extreme cases, it can obscure one’s vision and interfere with one’s daily life. Below, we cover the genetic reasons for eyelid ptosis. If this begins to happen, an …

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Eyelid Surgery Variations and Techniques

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Surgery on the eyelids is a flexible process that can significantly affect a person’s look and well-being. These factors have contributed to its rising popularity across a wide range of groups. Below, we cover eyelid surgery variations and techniques. Nonetheless, a lot of individuals are unaware that this type of operation comes in multiple variations. …

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Tips For Choosing the Right Surgeon for Male Blepharoplasty

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Like any medical procedure of any amount of consequence, the selection of the right doctor for your procedure is perhaps the one choice you make that has the greatest impact on the overall results. Let’s see some tips for choosing the right surgeon for male blepharoplasty. Tips For Choosing the Right Surgeon for Male Blepharoplasty …

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Patient Requirements for Combining Procedures

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Many of the popular plastic surgery operations can be safely combined with other procedures in order to create stunning overhauls of one’s appearance. But there exist some patient requirements for combining procedures. Therefore, in order to obtain these operations, you will first have to consult with your physician over whether you qualify health-wise to receive …

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Signs You Need Another Blepharoplasty

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Blepharoplasty is a common procedure that can transform the look of your eyes. The natural aging process can take a toll on the area around your eyes as the skin is much thinner. This can be exacerbated by poor lifestyle habits and environmental factors. Sagging skin and wrinkles require cosmetic intervention, which can be addressed …

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