Tips For Choosing the Right Surgeon for Male Blepharoplasty

Like any medical procedure of any amount of consequence, the selection of the right doctor for your procedure is perhaps the one choice you make that has the greatest impact on the overall results. Let’s see some tips for choosing the right surgeon for male blepharoplasty.

Tips For Choosing the Right Surgeon for Male Blepharoplasty

With that in mind, it’s extremely important that you take the time to vet and research your options for a physician for whatever procedure you’re pursuing.

This is no less true for Male Blepharoplasty. This is an intensely delicate operation that should only be performed by licensed physicians of the highest levels of skill.

If you’re considering obtaining this type of surgery, then here is a short list of the qualities you should look for in a surgeon.

Male Blepharoplasty: An Overview

Male Blepharoplasty is an operation of the eyes where the goal is to rejuvenate the area of the face around the eye and give the patient an overall more youthful appearance.

In situations where sagging skin and drooping eyelids have become severe enough that they have started to interfere with one’s vision and ability to perform day-to-day tasks, a Blepharoplasty can also be considered an operation that carries medical benefits as well as aesthetic ones.

A Male Blepharoplasty differs from other types of Blepharoplasties in terms of the way that the doctor sculpts the area surrounding the eyes. Specifically, they work to maintain and form masculine features.

Your physician may perform work on both the upper and lower eyelids. And in the case of a quad blepharoplasty, all four eyelids of the face may receive surgical work.

Depending on some of the unique elements of your medical situation, you may achieve your aesthetic results with only one session. Or you may end up having to return to receive multiple treatments to finalize the results you want.

Ensure Your Doctor Has Board Certification

Ensuring that your selected physician has board certification remains perhaps the number one step you can take. Doing so ensures that your physician proves worth trusting with your desired operation.

Board-certified refers to individuals certified by the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons). Physicians who meet these qualifications remain subjected to a rigorous set of standards that ensure they practice their craft safely.

Some of these standards include:

  • Having completed at least six years of surgical training following medical school
  • 3 years completed plastic surgery residency training
  • Passing multiple comprehensive oral and written exams
  • Graduating from an accredited medical school
  • Complete continuing medical education annually
  • Proof of completed multiple surgeries

Despite the fact that you may encounter other official sounding or appearing boards and certifications, you should only trust physicians who have ABPS certification.

Research Their Surgical History and Specialties

Firsy, you want to determine whether or not a surgeon will prove the right fit for your Blepharoplasty. So it helps to know whether or not they consider eyelid surgery as their specialty.

Eye surgeon specialists will ideally have a successful history of performing the same surgery that you’re interested in acquiring, with a track record that you’ll be able to verify and vet.

By doing this necessary research, you’ll give yourself a peace of mind that your operation will be cared for by a consummate professional dedicated to the procedures that you’re seeking.

Dr. Zoumalan is a dedicated oculofacial specialist who has committed his practice to refining procedures like Male Blepharoplasty to their highest possible level of practice.

Consider Whether You Feel Comfortable With Them On A Personal Level

The relationship between patient and surgeon can prove an intense one. The main reasons, it requires a lot of trust to ultimately prove successful.

Partially this happens because you’ll share with the surgeon many details of your personal and medical history. Additionally, you may need to share things like your aesthetic hopes and insecurities.

Because of this, it proves very important for one to feel comfortable and secure with the physician you work with. This remains especially true if you plan on having multiple procedures done or returning in the near future for additional work.

Ultimately, a trusting relationship between patient and doctor is paramount for a successful partnership in medicine.

Giving the Highest Quality Service Available

Dr. Christopher Zoumalan and the rest of his award-winning team routinely serve the Los Angeles greater area with the best surgeries available at reasonable rates. Do you find yourself interested in scheduling a consultation? It works as a chance to discuss whether or not a male eyelid procedure would work for you. If so, then take a visit to our website for more information.

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