How to Get the Best Results with Lip Fillers

How to get the best results with lip fillers.

Every woman wants the benefits of a fuller, prettier pout, but we aren’t all born that way. Women with naturally thin lips or those who have lost some fullness with age may feel less feminine. They may also be disappointed at their inability to participate in current makeup trends, emphasizing a dramatic and beautiful lip. …

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Lip Injections: What First-Timers Should Know

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“You’re living in the age of the ‘lip job,’” declared Elle magazine in an October 2018 article. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, injectable fillers have seen a “massive 40.6% increase over the past five years. The same report indicated that, by years’ end, the top two non-surgical procedures of 2017 involved …

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Most Subtle Types of Cosmetic Surgery


Although the cosmetic surgery industry has continued to increase over the years due to easier access to doctors and more cost-effective procedures, not everyone is looking for a full makeover. There is a large contingency of potential patients that are looking for non-surgical procedures that highlight areas, as well as natural looking surgeries and augmentations. …

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Trends in Lip Augmentation


Lip augmentation has been around longer than most people realize, being traced back hundreds and hundreds of years when tribes would use different materials to enhance the size of their lips. This shows that bigger, fuller lips are nothing new, but the science behind undergoing a safe lip augmentation has improved significantly. Dr. Zoumalan takes …

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Lip Augmentation FAQs


Lip augmentation is a common procedure performed on patients that wish to have a fuller upper and lower lip. Although various products can be used for lip augmentation, Dr. Zoumalan feels that the safest product for lip augmentation are hyaluronic acid products because they produce well tolerated, safe, and reversible results that patients are extremely …

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