Advantages of an Awake Brow Lift

Awake Treatments are a rapidly developing school of plastic surgery that has taken the field by storm. During an awake treatment, a patient is not placed under general anesthesia during their operation. There are a number of different surgeries that are now available as awake procedures. One such treatment is a brow lift. Our guide looks at the advantages of an awake brow lift.

Advantages of an Awake Brow Lift

If you’re considering receiving brow lift treatment, then take a read over the reasons that you might want to opt for an awake treatment over a traditional one when you’re looking for eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills.

What Occurs During an Awake Brow Lift?

Brow lifts have been a popular way to diminish the effects of time on the face and upper brow region. They’re one of plastic surgery’s most commonly requested procedures.

Patients seek brow lifts for a variety of reasons, including aesthetic objectives and those based on mild medical difficulties that might result from various conditions.

Even though only a small section of the patient’s body is being operated on during a traditional brow lift, general anesthesia is still used.

On the basis of this reasoning, an awake facelift that only uses local anesthetic at the surgical site has the potential to be far more effective while achieving many of the same results.

Who’s a Good Candidate for An Awake Brow Lift?

Many people qualify for brow lift operations. This is because, overall, the procedure is not considered to be one of the more dangerous operations available. This is because it involves very few vital organs.

Some of the preliminary basics for brow lift candidates are that they are in good general health, are a nonsmoker, and have a realistic set of goals surrounding their procedure.

During your pre-surgical consultation, you’ll discuss with your physician some of the unique characteristics of your personal situation. Through this, you and them will continue to craft a great surgical plan fit to your needs.

Reasons To Avoid General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is essential for patients undergoing protracted and painful incisions into their important organs as part of invasive procedures.

There are a few advantages to avoiding general anesthesia when it is not completely essential, though. This is because it could contain a number of inhibiting elements, especially for patients with particular underlying medical conditions.

Some patients are frequently disqualified for procedures requiring general anesthesia because the anesthetic itself may be hazardous to people with certain chronic health conditions. Several of these include diabetes and heart disease.

Earlier Recoveries

A significantly quicker recovery from your procedure is something else you may expect with an awake procedure. This is due to the fact that recovering from anesthesia is one of the main aggravating aspects for a patient’s recovery time.

The effects of general anesthesia can be extremely exhausting and stressful on the body, requiring the patient to plan extended absences from work and other inconveniences.

Only the area of the body that the local anesthetic is applied to is impacted. This reduces the overall recovery period for a brow lift because the body’s primary important organs are spared the effects of anesthesia.

Keeping Post-Operative Drug Use to a Minimum

Typically, narcotics are used less when recovering after awake surgery.

There is another component of awake surgery that may be advantageous depending on the patient’s medical background. This is because an awake surgery necessitates a quicker and less time-consuming recovery period.

Revision surgery while the patient is awake may be more comfortable for those with a history of addiction or painkiller use difficulties. This is because the likelihood of encountering a relapse scenario is less likely.

Less Scarring

In addition to reducing bruising and swelling, using local anesthesia during surgery rather than general anesthesia can lead to less scarring.

This is due to the fact that local anesthetic application reduces bleeding because anesthetics’ chemical components change blood flow.

A local anesthetic also results in a less painful recovery period since it puts less stress on the body. This can result in a far more favorable assessment of the patient.

Issues with Health Linked to General Anesthesia

Unfortunately, there are specific health risks associated with general anesthesia. Depending on your medical history, some of these risks can be prohibitive. Some of these hazards may be prohibitive based on your medical history.

There are several health risks associated with general anesthesia, including:

  • Blood clots
  • Memory loss
  • Heart conditions
  • Heart attacks

Patients who fear complications from general anesthesia should seriously consider an awake procedure as an alternative because, generally speaking, it can produce results that are equal to those of a general anesthetic procedure.

Fiscal Advantages

Another thing to take into account is that undergoing surgery without general anesthesia can save one a lot of money.

This is because general anesthesia is one of the costliest elements for a medical facility when they are performing an operation. By taking it out of the picture, you significantly cut down on the overhead costs for any given operation.

This has the potential to open up accessibility for receiving awake treatment for a number of patients who might not otherwise be able to afford it otherwise.

Adding It All Up

When you add up all of the advantages of an awake brow lift, it quickly becomes apparent that it is both economically and medically sound to receive awake brow lift treatment for most patients.

It is hard to deny the compounded advantages between all of the various advantages that awake procedures can offer patients.

Although it’s a relatively new set of procedures, awake brow lifts have the potential to revolutionize various procedures in the plastic surgery field.

Spreading awareness of this fact can help to reduce some of the stigma surrounding this procedure that has the potential to drastically improve the appearance of countless patients.

Preparing For Your Awake Brow Lift

Depending on your particular circumstances, getting ready for an awake brow lift might look like many various things.

Some of these things are as follows:

  • Giving up smoking at least six weeks in advance of the procedure.
  • Cutting back on alcohol consumption
  • Cutting back on blood-thinning drugs like aspirin
  • Making plans for your post-surgery recovery period

Additionally, you should discuss any personal worries you might have with your doctor. You should also go through any previous surgeries or personal medical histories.

Organizing Your Post-Operative Recuperation Time

Planning for your recuperation is just as crucial as scheduling your preoperative consultation.

You will still need to set aside some time to ensure that your body heals from the pressures of the surgical experience, even if the recovery period for an awake brow lift is substantially shorter than for a typical brow lift.

You’ll want to make arrangements for pet care, kid care, and time off of work, among other safeguards.

Use Only Board-Certified Physicians

To ensure that your procedure goes as planned and that you are getting high-quality treatment from a qualified specialist, you should always make sure that it is performed by board-certified plastic surgeons.

This is in relation to the ABPS, or American Board of Plastic Surgery, which carefully assesses candidates in compliance with a number of stringent standards.

This is to ensure that a jury of their competent peers will find them qualified to conduct the delicate and difficult operation of surgery.

Many patients who require revision procedures do so because their first operations were carried out by non-board-qualified surgeons.

Do some research on your doctor’s credentials to make sure they are board qualified in order to avoid these inexpensive and inconvenient obstacles.

If at all possible, try to find a doctor that specializes in brow procedures, or at the very least in the field of eye surgery in general. You’ll feel more at ease while the surgery goes on because of this.

Your Pre-Surgical Consultation

The pre-surgical consultation is possibly the most crucial phase of your procedure and the time when you’ll have the most control over how it goes. This is accomplished by going over every aspect of your procedure with your surgeon.

  • You will discuss your personal medical history and surgical history throughout the appointment.
  • You should also discuss any medications or nutritional supplements you use with your doctor so they can better understand the kind of preparations you need to make for surgery.

In your case, your appointment with your doctor gives you the chance to address any queries or worries you may have in order to fully describe any potential problems.

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