Why the Asian Eyelid Lift Is No Longer Controversial

At some point in the past, the procedure known as Asian Eyelid Surgery was mired in controversy, as a perception existed that the procedure was intended to “westernize” the eyes of Asian clients. Below we look at why the Asian eyelid lift is no longer controversial.

Why the Asian Eyelid Lift Is No Longer Controversial

Fortunately, concerted outreach and education have informed the public that this is simply not the case and that there are pragmatic and sometimes even medical reasons to receive Asian eyelid treatment.

If you’re considering receiving double eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills but are worried about the stigma that is sometimes attached to it, please read over this information.

Asian Eyelid Basics

In Asian eyelid surgery, a physician utilizes their expertise to pull back the skin fold of the eyes in an area called the pretarsal crease. This procedure is also known as double eyelid surgery.

The aim of Asian eyelid surgery is to open up the eyes of the client so that they appear wider and more alert. This funnels down into a number of benefits.

In more extreme cases, some patients report that having a more closed pretarsal crease interferes with their eyesight and ability to perform day-to-day tasks, lending some Asian eyelid surgeries an air of medical necessity.

Benefits of Asian Eyelid Surgery

Apart from the cultural values assigned to it, Asian eyelid surgery comes packaged with a number of practical benefits. Some of these include:

  • Tightens the skin on patients of advancing years
  • Keeps eyelashes from irritating the eyes
  • Makes makeup application easier
  • Removes excess skin that impedes vision

Many patients who receive this treatment also report that it helps them navigate elements of our society in easier ways, such as when they’re on the job search.

Putting Old Stereotypes to Rest

Surprisingly, many medical professionals report that their patients don’t request Asian eyelid surgery so that they will fit into Western culture more cleanly.

Instead, many physicians find that their patients are looking to have their own natural features highlighted and accented. Rather than trying to “westernize” Asian eyes, a successful Asian eyelid surgery highlights the elements of Asian eyes that make them unique and beautiful.

In fact, the persistent stereotypes that the reason that patients seek this procedure out is to make their eyes appear more Western actually acts as a barrier towards people experiencing the positive elements that this procedure has to offer.

By educating the wider public about the real reasons that people are seeking out this kind of treatment, progress is being made for both patients and professionals of the medical community.

Evolving With Culture

The public’s perception of Asian eyelid surgery has shifted over the years in tandem with other developments in the perception of plastic surgery in general.

As more and more people have sought out procedures and experienced the positive benefits associated with having their appearance more closely match their expectations, the public’s stigma towards plastic surgery, in general, has diminished.

Overall, this can only benefit both patients and the doctors themselves, as having a destigmatized environment contributes to innovating techniques and safer procedures.

As time moves forward, the plastic surgery community will likely further develop the initiative to further improve the connection between their practices and their patients.

As trust builds, the ability to refine techniques and produce great outcomes increases dramatically. So with that in mind, it’s up to everyone to contribute to changing negative perceptions.

Setting Up a Consultation

You can discuss the ins and outs of your personal relationship to what you would like to see out of your own Asian Eyelid Surgery during your pre-surgical consultation.

Your consultation is your best opportunity to dispel any anxieties you might be experiencing about receiving treatment. It’s also a good opportunity to go over your aesthetic goals for your operation.

You’ll also discuss things like your personal medical history, as well as your specific history with surgeries. You’ll also go over whatever medications and supplements you might be taking.

At the end of the day, you should consider this part of your surgical experience to be where you cover all of the things that you might want to know before heading into the operating room.

Giving Beverly Hills the Best

Dr. Zoumalan and his award-winning team serve Beverly Hills and the surrounding area with the finest quality procedures available. If you’re curious about receiving Asian eyelid surgery, then feel free to take a visit to his website in order to schedule a consultation and see why he’s a trusted eyelid surgeon in Beverly Hills.

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