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For non-surgical cosmetic procedures (fillers, etc): Is the procedure painful and should I expect bruising?

All procedures are done in the office with the assistance of a topical anesthetic. The procedure can take as little as 30 minutes if using hyaluronic acid products, and patients usually go home afterward without any problems. You will notice some immediate improvement in the office; but you will see the final result of the treatment a few days once the mild swelling has resolved. There is little discomfort with the procedure. Dr. Zoumalan has introduced the use of a blunt-tipped canula for most of your facial filler injections, which allows him to reduce the incidence of bruising and discomfort by a significant percentage in his patients. Rather than using a needle to repeatedly inject the filler material into the skin, a blunt-tipped canula allows for safe injection of the product without the risk of repeated needle injections. Dr. Zoumalan strives to ensure that patients are comfortable during the procedure with just the use of a topical anesthetic. The blunt-tipped canulas he now uses for facial filler injections are similar to the ones he uses in the operating room for your fat grafting procedure, which has made the transition to using the canulas in the office quite feasible. Dr. Zoumalan offers this to all his facial filler patients and most if not all prefer the blunt-tipped canulas due to comfort, safety, and decrease rate of bruising.

As much as he tries to avoid bruises, they are sometimes inevitable and patients may use concealers to cover the bruise up. A yellow-based concealer paste can often help “disguise” the underlying bruise.

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