Learning to See the Strike Zone With One Eye

A very inspiring story of an college athelete who lost his eye from an injury while playing baseball.  Despite the thought that he would never play baseball again, he is and playing at the level if not better than before his injury. Read more in NY Times.

Orbital fractures are commonly seen in trauma

I am often involved in the repair of orbital fractures, which occur from trauma such as car accidents, falls, and assaults.  The orbit is a series of bones that comprise the wall (or socket) that contains the eyeball and other important contents that allow us to see and move our eye in all directions. Parts …

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Medical tourism–it’s cheap but beware of the risks!

More and more Americans are going to Asia for cosmetic surgery, where surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty or Asian eyelid surgery are the cost of what they are here in the States. There are serious risks to having surgical procedures overseas–it’s not so much the risk for the surgery but more so the complications that …

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Selphyl Injections—the modern Vampire Face-Lift???

More and more physicians are offering Selphyl injections in their office to patients as an alternative to other fillers (such as as fat injections, Juvederm, Restylane, and Sculptra). It is a filler that is composed of your own blood cells after it is spun down using a centrifuge and reinjected into the face to help …

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