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What should I expect at my preoperative visit for your upcoming surgery?

Approximately one to two weeks before your surgery you will visit Dr. Zoumalan at our office for a preoperative evaluation. Dr. Zoumalan will carefully review all your medical conditions and medications you are on. After reviewing the procedure and answering your questions about the surgery, we will give you written instructions of where the surgery will take place (either our surgery center or at a hospital), along with medications, vitamins, or herbs to avoid for at least two weeks prior and after your surgery. These include over the counter medications or vitamins which might thin your blood and cause you to bleed excessively during and after surgery. Dr. Zoumalan will likely have your internist (or primary care doctor) perform a full preoperative evaluation which may include blood tests, EKG, and/or chest Xray.

  • If you smoke, we ask you cut down or try to stop smoking 2-3 weeks before and after surgery in order to allow you to heal better.
  • At your preoperative visit, you will be provided with prescriptions for pain medications, lubricating eye drops, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic eye drops, in addition to other medications you may require. Please have these medications picked up prior to surgery.
  • In order to be well prepared, please have bags of frozen peas or cold compresses ready in your freezer for use after surgery.

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