Best Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery Procedures

Maintaining eye contact when communicating with someone is often seen as a sign of respect. With that, ensuring confidence in the appearance of one’s face, especially one’s eyes, is important. The eyes are a sensitive area of the body that are subject to the effects of aging, trauma, or even issues from prior eyelid surgery. Depending on the person’s specific needs, below is a list of the best reconstructive eyelid surgery procedures that are both safe and effective. If you need a cosmetic eye surgeon in Beverly Hills, look no further than Dr. Zoumalan.

Revisional Eyelid Surgery

Revisional eyelid surgery focuses on correcting abnormal eyelid positions that may have been caused by a prior condition or surgery. This correction can include the upper eyelid, lower, or both. It depends on the nature of the prior surgery and need for revision. There are various factors that contribute to needing this type of surgery including:

  • Droopy eyelids
  • Difficulty closing one’s eyelids
  • Resuspension of the lower lids

A minimally invasive procedure can correct this.

Ptosis Surgery (Droopy Eyelids)

Droopy eyelids can occur in one or both lids and may require surgery to correct. The process of aging and stretching of the eyelid muscle causes droopy eyelids in adults. For children, they were likely born with a weak eyelid muscle that leads to the droopy eyelid. Ptosis surgery for droopy eyelids is minimally invasive and often patients are back to their normal daily activities within a few days.

Eyelid Malpositions (Ectropion and Entropion)

Eyelid malpositions are often very troubling for patients. It affects tear production and drainage, in addition to allowing the eyelids to close comfortably when blinking. The cause can be anything from aging to sun damage. The malposition of eyelids is either ectropion, meaning the eyelid is turned out, or entropion, meaning the eyelid is turned in. Correcting the malposition can be treated by a qualified cosmetic eye surgeon like Dr. Zoumalan through a corrective procedure depending on the unique needs of the patient.

Eyelid Skin Cancer

Eyelid skin cancer is most commonly in the form of basal cell carcinoma, followed by other forms of carcinoma. This is a common reason why patients seek specialized care from a cosmetic eye surgeon in addition to a dermatologist. Once a dermatologist completes their specialized treatment for removing cancer (there is generally a 95-97% cure rate in selected studies for basal cell carcinoma), the cosmetic eye surgeon can use various minimally invasive treatments to help fill in the areas where the skin was removed. The method depends on various factors. This includes the patient’s age, amount of skin tissue missing, the condition of the eyelid, and the location of the tissue removal.

Benign Eyelid Lesions

There are various types of eyelid lesions that are often successfully removed. While some are removed, others are observed for various clinical reasons. A biopsy will determine whether or not a skin lesion is benign. There are numerous types of eyelid lesions including skin cancer, moles, cysts, skin tags, and cholesterol deposits.

Facial Paralysis (Bell’s Palsy)

Facial paralysis results in difficulty controlling one’s facial muscles, including one’s eyelid, on the affected side of the face. There are various conditions that can cause facial paralysis. If the cause is unknown, it is referred to as Bell’s Palsy. Some of the effects of this condition include weakness in blinking, shutting one’s eyelids at night, and dry eyes. This can cause pain and discomfort, and even loss of one’s eye. There are various procedural techniques that can assist in correcting the issues that come with Bell’s Palsy that are minimally invasive.

Eyelid Trauma

Eyelid trauma can come in many forms including trauma to the actual globe of the eye, the skin surrounding the eye, and/or the facial bone structure around the eye. The anatomy around the eye is sensitive, complex, and unique. This makes each eyelid trauma patient’s plan for treatment unique as well. Depending on the evaluation, various procedures can be performed in order to correct the trauma. Special care is taken to try and preserve the function of the tear duct system, orbital bones, and the eyeball itself.

Reconstructive Eye Surgeon in Los Angeles

Dr. Christopher Zoumalan is a board-certified Oculoplastic and cosmetic eye surgeon who has an extensive resume and has earned numerous accolades for his work in the field of medicine. He is located in Beverly Hills, California and connected to the world’s top academic institutions including the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Southern California.

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