Combining Cosmetic Eyelid Fillers with Eyelid Surgery

Combining Cosmetic Eyelid Fillers

Before Undergoing lower eyelid blepharoplasty


Combining Cosmetic Eyelid Fillers

After undergoing eyelid blepharoplasty with cheek and midface fillers


As we age, the area around our eyes loses volume and fullness. Our eyelids will also start to have excess skin and prominent fat pockets which can become more visible with time. Fortunately, there are various techniques that can be performed to rejuvenate your facial appearance, which can include a combination of eyelid surgery and/or injectable fillers around the eyelid area. Both provide different results for different conditions, but they can often be performed on the same patient either at the same setting or at various times. We call this a Three-Dimensional approach to eyelid rejuvenation. Both cosmetic eye fillers and eyelid surgery can restore your natural and refreshed appearance.

Cosmetic Eye Fillers

A significant part of our practice involves the use of injectable fillers for non-surgical facial and eyelid rejuvenation. Both women and men visit us looking for ways to rejuvenate their overall facial appearance and wish to have their eye area refreshed with fillers. Fillers improve your facial appearance by lifting and adding volume to the wrinkles and folds in the treatment area.

Benefits of eye fillers include:
● Restore volume and fullness to the eyelids and face
● Improve under eye bags and hollowing
● Rejuvenate facial appearance

For instance, in cases of under eye hollowing and excess skin in upper lids, under eye fillers and an upper eyelid surgery can be performed in the same setting.


If you have had cosmetic lower eye fillers and you are now interested in a lower eyelid surgery, you will need to schedule an evaluation. Eyelid surgery addresses problems that fillers alone can’t by directly removing or manipulating excess fat to get rid of orbital “pockets” under the eye. This results in a more natural appearance without sacrificing volume. Excess skin and prominent fat pockets cannot be addressed with fillers; therefore, eyelid surgery will be required in such instances. If you’ve had prior fillers around the eyelid area though, we recommend having the product removed with an enzyme injection (hyaluronidase) prior to surgery. Having fillers around the area of surgery can often result in prolonged swelling after surgery and migration of the filler product to potentially unwanted areas. Dr. Zoumalan will need to find exactly where the fillers are placed and then remove them to perform a safe and successful procedure.

What to expect if eyelid surgery is required:
● Some bruising and swelling in the initial stages of recovery
● Stitches removed after one week, with bruising and swelling abating
● With the doctor’s approval, makeup and contacts are ok after 2-3 weeks
● Most swelling and bruising subsides by week 2.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is certainly an exciting process, and one that Dr. Zoumalan and his office take pride in making a world-class experience. If you are considering cosmetic eye fillers or a brow lift, contact us here today to schedule a consultation.

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