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  • Dr. Zoumalan was recommended by my dermatologist to help fix the lumps under my eyelids after having restylane and juvederm filler injections placed there by some other injector. I was scared at first if he could even offer any help but I immediately felt comfortable and knew I had come to the right place after talking to his staff, Danielle, and then finally meeting him. Dr. Zoumalan was able to remove the lumps and then even refill my under eyelid hollows to get them to exactly what I had wished the first time I had my lids done. There is no scale to grade his work, out of a scale of 10 he is a 20!
  • Dr. Zoumalan knows how to deliver natural looking results. This is why I trusted him to do my droopy upper lid surgery. I was afraid of having them come out too low or too high but he did exactly what I expected and he delivered it 100% well. In fact, my husband was so impressed that he also had eyelid surgery after I did! And he looks amazing!! I have and will continue to refer all my friends to see him for any eyelid issue or surgery they need.
  • Dr. Zoumalan is the best!!!! He really knows how to make you look as naturally rejuvenated as possible. He has incredible bedside manners, listens attentively to what I need, and is 100% honest about what he can help me with and what he can not. It’s so hard to find a doctor that genuinely cares for you and not the business, and Dr. Zoumalan is it!
  • I was recommended to see Dr. Zoumalan by my husband who went to medical school with him. I initially thought I needed eyelid surgery to fix my bags and dark under eye circles but he has been able to offer me results I would never have imagined using fillers to my lower lids, and a chemical peel. He is truly an artist and has an incredible heart. He loves his job and it is clear when you meet him.
  • Dr. Zoumalan is the best Plastic Surgeon I can imagine. He takes his time to listen and provides incredible results. He injected my lower lids with Restylane and my midface area with Juvederm. I look 10 years younger and I owe it all to him and his delicate hands!
  • I have been going to see him for all my fillers. He is extremely nice and pleasant to be around. His staff is also amazing, they always follow up with you and know how to make you feel comfortable and answers all your questions.
  • Dr. Zoumalan saw me emergently for an injury to my eye socket I sustained in a car accident. I had to have surgery to fix my orbital fracture. He reassured me that I was in good hands and that everything would be OK –I knew that he was the right surgeon for the job. The surgery went seamlessly and I was back teaching my first graders in 10 days.
  • Dr. Zoumalan is amazing! He fixed my eyebrow laceration up and I can’t even see the scars and it’s only been a week. This doctor’s got talent and such a warm heart. Thank you so much!
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  • I’ve had tearing problems for the past 4 months and no one was able to help diagnose my condition. Dr. Zoumalan spent time with me and accurately diagnosed me. I had to undergo a tear duct stent procedure in the operating room to help me drain my tears better. Guess what? It worked! Thank you!!
  • I had a left droopy lid surgery performed by Dr. Zoumalan six months ago. I am a doctor myself and he came highly recommended by not one but three of my colleagues. Dr. Zoumalan is a doctor’s doctor. The surgery went just as expected and I was back to seeing patients in less than a week. I was very lucky to have found him.
  • Dr Z. is wonderful. I have had glaucoma for many years and have had many eye surgeries for it. My lids have always been droopy but got worse over the past few years. My eye doctor finally ok’d me to have eyelid surgery and everything went perfect. I can see now and don’t look so tired in all my pictures! Thank you Dr. Z for your amazing handy work!
  • I had upper and lower lid blepharoplasty surgery by Dr. Zoumalan. My daughter is his patient and she recommended me to see him for a consult. My surgery went great and I love my new lids!!—his staff and the surgery center staff were the best I could have ever imagined and I don’t remember much discomfort at all from the recovery process.
  • I just saw Dr. Zoumalan for a one year followup from having upper lid blepharoplasty and endoscopic brow lift. Everything is holding up amazingly well and I am so happy with my results. He really is an amazing doctor and human being. I am so lucky to have found him (referred from a friend who also had her lids done by him).
  • My son knows Dr. Zoumalan from the community and they both work together as plastic surgeons. He recommended me to see Dr. Zoumalan for my droopy lids. I had no idea there were plastic surgeons that specialize in only eyelids! Dr. Zoumalan is an eyelid specialist and was able to operate on my lids to allow me to look more awake, younger, and well rested. Wonderful job, fantastic doctor, thank you!
  • I have always gotten fillers into my nasolabial folds and I was never happy with the overfilled mouth area as a result of the fillers. My friend recommended me to see Dr. Zoumalan. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I trusted him and felt comfortable with his recommendations. I had fillers under my eyelids and my midface/cheek area to help lift my nasolabial folds up rather than directly filling them in. The results were beyond my expectations.
  • I had two prior eyelid surgeries in the past by other doctors to help fix my lower lid retraction/droopiness but nothing worked well. I found Dr. Zoumalan through online reviews /internet. My lid is back to where it should have been all along and I am so thankful to have found him. The swelling takes some time to resolve –but I am very happy with my results!
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  • I was recommended to see Dr. Zoumalan for my excess skin in my upper and lower lids by my friend who knows him through the surgery center he works at. He came highly recommended and I now know why. He performed upper and lower lid eyelid surgery on me (blepharoplasty) and he also did a minor lift to my brows. I wasn’t expecting to look this good after surgery! He is incredible at what he does and I really enjoy having him as my doctor—his staff is warm very helpful, he always has a genuine smile and really cares about his job. A+ work.
  • Dr. Zoumalan was highly recommended by two ophthalmologists to have him fix my droopy upper and lower lids. I had prior plastic surgery around my eyes over 20 years ago and I think the surgery must have made my muscles weaker with time. Dr. Zoumalan is a gentleman and a great human being; he was very honest with me about what my expectations should be and I trusted him and felt very comfortable. The surgery actually went flawless but I had some swelling that lingered for several weeks. Overall, the appearance of my lids surpasses what I expected and we are both very happy with my results. Choose the right doctor and you will be happy!
  • I have been seeing Dr. Zoumalan for over 3 years now and continue to see him every 3-4 months. I can’t tell you how nervous I was the first time I sat in the exam chair but I know feel like his office is almost an extension of my own home…that’s how comfortable I feel at their office. Plus, they play great classic movies in the waiting room and the staff is always so nice!!!
  • I underwent ptosis surgery by Dr Zoumalan six months ago and saw him today for a follow-up. Everything seems to have healed amazingly well and my lids look great! I can see better and look younger and more refreshed. I had a wonderful experience with him as my doctor and his wonderful staff and operative room nurses. Thank you everyone!
  • I suffered an eyebrow laceration while surfing and Dr. Zoumalan was quick to respond to help out. My friend is his colleague and I was referred to see him. Dr. Zoumalan saw me on the weekend and helped repair my laceration up in no time and I didn’t even feel a thing!! Amazing! I can’t even see the scar anymore as well so I would say that he is wonderful at what he does.
  • I have had droopy lower lids for many years and they have bothered me so much recently. I had tearing, irritation, red eyes and pain would come and go. I was told by many doctors that I needed my lower lids lifted and saw two doctors my ophthalmologist referred me to in Beverly Hills. I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Zoumalan and he was able to point out how he could help. I wasn’t hoping for a miracle but I really was surprised to see how natural my lower lids looked after surgery. My symptoms also improved quite a bit which was great too!
  • I had a mole removed from my lower lid 5 months ago my Dr Zoumalan. It was quite large and I had to have a surgery to remove the part of the eyelid as well and undergo reconstruction in the operating room. I had a great experience and can’t believe how amazing my lid looks. I can barely see where the cuts were made. Dr Zoumalan is not only a great surgeon but he also pays careful attention to you after the surgery as well. I had a small area of scar tissue forming and he was quick to act to treat it with a small injection of a steroid which really helped.
  • I suffered severe trauma to my right eye and socket and lost my eye. Dr. Zoumalan has been helping me in reconstructing my socket over the past two years and helping my socket/eyelids fit a prosthetic. I’ve undergone two surgeries by Dr. Zoumalan and have noticed a big improvement in my appearance and feel so much more confident now than before. I used to be embarrassed of walking outside but now am able to feel like part of the community again. I’m back to working as well which I hadn’t been able to do since my accident. I owe this to Dr. Zoumalan and his talent in reconstructive surgery.
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  • I had a shattered orbital floor fracture and had to have emergent surgery at Cedars. Dr. Zoumalan was recommended by both my internist and my eye doctor. The surgery went well—I was expecting to have much more pain and discomfort but never really did. I had other medical problems which kept me in the hospital for a couple days and Dr Zoumalan followed up with me in person every day while I was there just to make sure I was doing OK. He’s an A + doc and I’m so thankful to have met him.
  • Tear duct surgery gone great!
    I just saw Dr. Zoumalan for a three month followup after having a DCR surgery. Everything has healed well and you can’t see the small tiny scar either. And I’m not even tearing anymore which is amazing!
  • I can see my eyes again! I had upper lid blepharoplasty and droopy lid surgery to lift my eyes last month. Most if not all the swelling has resolved and I’m back to life again with a new and “improved” look. Dr. Zoumalan’s wonderful—he listened to me and provided me what I wanted which was an improvement but natural and not the over-done look. His staff is extremely warm and caring and I just love visiting that office!!
  • I see Dr. Zoumalan for my fillers. He’s a talented doctor and a great person. He’s ethical and does not try to upsell me on products when I don’t need them. I love that about him. You have to pay a bit more for his work compared to other doctors but he is specialized at what he does and provides excellent work.
  • Great results and so happy to have him as my doctor. He is cautious and very detail orientated and I continue to refer him to all my friends and family members. He’s great at what he does!
  • I had upper and lower lid cosmetic surgery by Dr. Zoumalan several months ago. The whole experience went smooth, comfortable, and felt I was in good hands during the whole process. Dr. Zoumalan is a very patient and well trained physician that does amazing work. He is also very personable and I enjoy having him as my doctor.
  • Dr. Zoumalan is a well-qualified doctor in his field of oculoplastics. He also teaches young doctors at USC as a professor during his spare time which is an incredible thing to do. He helped treat my droopy upper lids and I really had no major issue with the recovery process. Everything went just great and I owe it to his amazing bed side manners, expertise, and wonderful office staff that helped me through the whole process.
  • I’ve continued to see Dr Zoumalan for repeated procedures after having undergone eyelid surgery by him and facelift surgery by his brother Dr Richard. They both make a marvelous team and their work is really top notch. Dr. Zoumalan’s hands are delicate and well trained and I feel so comfortable having him treat me for my facial fillers.
  • I was recommended to see Dr. Zoumalan by another doctor sicne I had upper lid cosmetic surgery in the past but was left with doropy upper lids. Dr. Zoumalan examined me carefully and listened to me—he really cares!! He helped educate me about the whole process of lid surgery and reassured me that lifting the lids would be a minor surgery. He was right! Everything went great! He does excellent work and left me looking natural and very pleased.
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  • I lost over 40 pounds the past year from a gastric bypass surgery and the bags under my eyes got much worse. I saw Dr. Zoumalan for a consult after reading about his work online. He was great! He told me how he can help me and was very honest about what he could help with and what he couldn’t. I liked that. Surgery went smooth; I was bruised and swollen as expected but the doctor and his staff were making sure I was OK throughout the whole process. Thanks to Dr. Z, I feel more like myself now after the lid surgery and my weight loss.
  • I had eyelid surgery by another doctor was left to have droopy upper lids. I didn’t know what to do since I expected them to improve with time. They never did and I waited almost six months to get help from my regular doctor who recommended me to see Dr. Zoumalan. He was able to diagnose me with droopy lids. I had only skin removed in my upper lids and did not have my lids lifted which is why I still looked tired. My ptosis surgery went great and I had very little pain. Stitches came out in six days and since then I continued to heal week to week. I’m now 8 months out and love my eyes and can look in the mirror and see someone I recognize again! He’s a wonderful doctor and very fortunate to have found him.
  • I had eyelid surgery by Dr. Zoumalan several weeks ago and I a can already tell how good my lids look. He’s a wonderful doctor, caring, smart, and very professional. His office staff is also wonderful and totally on top of things. They made sure I was all set to go for surgery and I really like they were part of the team for my care. The doctor personally called me that night as well to make sure I was ok and gave me his cell in case I needed anything. Great experience and totally recommending him to everyone that needs eyelid work.
  • Dr. Zoumalan is obviously a very gifted and talented surgeon but what makes him such an exceptional doctor is his compassion and concern for others. He has the ability to put his patients needs and concerns first, in a friendly yet professional manner. We are so grateful to him and his brother, Dr. Richard Zoumalan, whose combined skills resulted in an outstanding reconstructive surgery job!
  • Dr. Zoumalan removed a rather large mole from my lower eyelid several months ago. It had made me so self conscious and wanted to have someone help remove it. After seeing several doctors, I was nervous to have it removed. I then met with Dr. Zoumalan and he was able to reassure me that I was a candidate for having it removed. The surgery went great; I had to have stitches to help close the area up for a week. I’m now 6 months out from the surgery–my mole is gone and my eyelid looks perfect with no visible scar. He’s amazing!! Everyone I tell is so impressed. Plus he is such a nice and caring doctor.
  • I was recommended to have my lower lid bags evaluated by Dr. Zoumalan. I also have extra skin in my upper lids which is making me look more older and tired looking. I’m only 36 years old and wanted to just look a bit younger and wasn’t sure what my options were besides surgery. Dr. Zoumalan saw me, examined me, and most importantly listened to me. I didn’t even know these were options but I trusted him and felt comfortable with him. I had some swelling for several days (which did worry me at first but I was reassured it was normal!) which went away completely. The extra skin in my upper lids has improved and my dark circles are nearly gone. It’s amazing; I can’t believe this all happened with some injections and no surgery!
    He’s really got incredible talent in his work and I am so lucky to have been recommended to him.
  • I lost my right eye from trauma and have already undergone several eyelid and socket surgeries prior to meeting Dr. Zoumalan last year. He has been able to help me through my whole recovery process from the trauma on an emotional standpoint while also helping to reconstruct my lids to get them to look as normal as possible. I just had my last surgery with him 3 months ago and I can’t tell you how amazing my lids have turned out. It was hard for me to initially trust the doctor and be reassured by him that things would turn out well, but he was right. My best advice is to pick the right doctor for you and listen and trust them. I am so fortunate to have been recommended Dr. Zoumalan. If you have an eyelid or socket issue from losing and eye and need reconstructive surgery, go see him. He has excellent training and skills to helping you out and an amazing doctor overall.
  • Dr. Zoumalan and his staff are amazing. I had a swollen lid and chalazion while I was out in New York for work. On my way back to Los Angeles, I was lucky to find Dr. Zoumalan through his website, and I was able to call the office from New York and they squeezed me in the following morning and they were able to see me and help me out by prescribing me some medications. The following week when all the swelling was down, there was a small bump that the doctor injected some steroids for. I’m now a month out and it’s healing well with very little swelling noticeable. Amazing doctor, friendly staff, so lucky to have found them! They really go out of their way to helping their patients out!
  • Dr. Zoumalan’s communicative skills coupled with both medical and caring spirit enabled me to feel completely confident and comfortable in initiating the steps to undergoing eyelid surgery. As the procedure began, I was completely relaxed—I knew the result would surpass expectations…and it did!!! His positivity translated positively to my spirit. Dr. Zoumalan’s care prior to and after surgery gives evidence of his concern for my health and recovery. Phone calls following the procedure was indeed special and reassuring….immediate response…even on the weekend! I don’t know many doctors that still do that! Dr. Z called to make a response to an email photo a week after surgery to reassure me that I’m still healing well. Blessings without a pause!!!»
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  • «Color-sparkle I see! Thank you Dr. Zoumalan! For now I see light upon my path and I am grateful–indeed. Your healing skills and thoughtful expression of care for once have given me amazing new sight from lifting my eyelids. Continued blessings be with you and your good staff as you enable wholeness of vision.»
  • «I cannot thank Dr. Zoumalan enough for the wonderful job he did on my eyelid surgery. I had an upper and lower lid blepharoplasty and wasn’t able to make my mind with which surgeon I would go with. After speaking to my son, who is also a doctor, he recommended me to see Dr. Zoumalan for a consult. Once I met him, I immediately felt comfortable with him and his office staff and decided to go with him as my surgeon!! I am extremely pleased with the results and look like a younger version of myself again!! Thank you a million times for your amazing work, kindness, and care. I am also grateful to his staff for all of their help throughout the whole process.»
  • «Dr. Zoumalan is an artist. I have been seeing him for facial and eyelid fillers for the past three years and he continues to amaze me with his professionalism, artistic work, and providing impeccable results!!! I also brought my mother to see him as well and he was able to help address her concerns and offer some treatment options which included fillers. She is so happy and drives down now regularly to see him. He is confident and very skilled; he is trustworthy and professional in a manner I have never experienced with prior doctors. He is also very accommodating and able to see me even when he has a full schedule—his office staff (who are incredibly friendly and polite!!!) are so good in squeezing me in to be seen for a followup!!! I continue to recommend him to my friends and family!!!»
  • «I am very blessed to be cared for by wonderful doctors in LA, and Dr. Zoumalan is one of them. He was referred to me by my optometrist (one of my other favorite doctors), because I had a very large chalazion that required surgery. From the minute I walked into Dr. Zoumalan’s office, I knew I was in good hands. The office and staff are lovely, and Dr. Zoumalan made me feel comfortable instantly. He is an attentive listener, he takes time with you, and he’s warm, caring, professional, and very knowledgeable about the latest methods and procedures. He did a brilliant job on a very difficult surgery! He even called to check in with me post-surgery to see how I was doing. He gets my highest rating, and I would recommend him with confidence.»
  • «Dr.Zoumalan was recommended to me by my ophthalmologist. I had a very difficult problem due to a tumor on my eyelid. There was an eyelid graft that was done but unfortunately the grafted skin hairs grew from it touching my cornea. I spent most of my time in the eye doctor’s office having those lashes tweezed out. I went to several eye plastic surgeons seeking a remedy and they all came up w/very invasive procedures. After deciding to just continue sitting in the doctor’s office, my eye doctor suggested I see Dr.Zoumalan. Dr Zoumalan recommended electrolysis. This was very scary to me for anything dealing inside the eye w/electricity is taking a chance. However, he is a very dedicated doctor and his sincerity and confidence gave me courage. It has been 3 1/2 weeks and there has not been a sign of any hairs growing back. I am ecstatic.»
  • «One of many reasons my experience was a 10 with Dr. Zoumalan was the ease of scheduling the visit. He worked with my busy schedule and made sure to fit me in before my busy work day. The entire experience was the best I have ever had. Like many women I have searched for the best doctor for my lips and I can say I have found him. The office wad beautiful and comfortable. The staff was helpful and patient. Dr Zpumalen treated me as if I was part of his family. He was kind and caring and really made my lips look gorgeous.»
  • «Dr. Christopher Zoumalan is a wonderful surgeon! He is charming, warm, caring and everything you could possibly want when you’re having surgery. I had an eye condition, ptosis. He repaired it perfectly. He is second to none!»
  • «I put off getting filler around my eyes for a long time because I was so nervous about what it might look like if it went wrong. When I first met Dr Zoumalan, I grilled him, asking him a ton of questions. He was extremely patient with me and polite and answered all my questions clearly and thoroughly. He was also understanding about my hesitancy and urged me to call anytime with more questions. When I finally went back to him for filler, he was extremely professional in terms of being cautious and thoughtful about how to proceed and did a phenonemal job as a result. I have recommended Dr Zoumalan to all my friends and will go back to him when the time comes for more filler.»
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  • «I have loved my experience with Dr. Zoumalan and his staff. I feel very cared for from the minute I walk through the door. Dr. Zoumalan is kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable. And most importanly I am thrilled with the results of the procedure I had done. I had under eye filler injected and I feel that I look natural and refreshed. I highly recommend Dr. Zoumalan and will continue to see him for any cosmetic issues I need to address.»
  • «I am an 81 year old woman who has the great fortune to have Dr. Zoumalan not only as my doctor, but a friend as well. Dr. Zoumalan has a most amazing way about himself that I have never encountered in all my years. When I met with him, he diagnosed me right away saying that I had ectropions. When we discussed surgery, he was very informative about the procedure. The surgery was a complete success. Most doctors these days dont have the personal feeling that Dr. Zoumalan conveys. He calls to check on his patients, not just once, but numerous times and caring so much. Its a comfort that is so very special to be a patient of his. The staff in the office is an extension of who he is. Its a pleasure to walk in and feel the comfort that is felt throughout and surrounds you. I would refer all my friends to get their eyes done anytime.»
  • «The best doctor’s office I’ve ever been in, from the staff to the dr. They are all the best»
  • «Dr. Zoumalan and his staff gave me a very good idea of what to expect for my surgery. My recovery time was amazing and I had very little bruising. His staff was extremely good at making sure I was informed of all steps of the surgery, from the days preceding it, to the day of the surgery, and the recovery time.»
  • «You did an amazing job on my son’s eye! I am truly thankful and very blessed to have met you and to have you as his surgeon! Thank you again!»
    «The surgery went great. I was comfortable during the recovery time. Dr. Zoumalan actually called me to make sure I am OK which made me feel very secure that I was being taken care of by him.»
  • «I will and have already recommended Dr. Zoumalan to all my family and friends for their eyelid problems. He is gentle and patient.»
  • «I have never had the type of eyelid that showed the appearance of two lids. Mine always just was a drape of flesh coming down to my eyelash line. It was never a problem until later in life, when the extra skin began to actually weigh down my lids and affected my peripheral vision. I was very apprehensive about having surgery and conducted a lot of research on line prior to the procedure. I wanted to know what to expect. I checked before and after photos of many others, checked photo logs of patients recovery and read everything I could find on pros and cons. I went into surgery expecting to wake up in lots of pain followed by severe bruising. Everyone told me that I would look like I had black eyes. I planned on taking off a full week of work for the recovery. I was pleasantly surprised when I had very little pain, and hardly any bruising. I was able to make work related phone calls the day after surgery. The only «problem» I experienced was an allergic reaction to the ointment. Dr. Zoumalan actually came to the emergency room on a Saturday to check on my condition. Luckily, it was just the ointment. After only two weeks post procedure the swelling was almost gone, and I was already getting compliments. Most people are surprised that Dr. Zoumalan was able to keep me looking like myself, because they expected I would look different. I am very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend him for any surgery of this type.»
  • «Dr. Zoumalan was very gentle and did a wonderful job. He took his time, discussed with me the expected results, and performed the procedure in a very comfortable manner. I was very pleased with this work.»
  • «In August 2011, a growth on my eyelid was surgically removed in New York. After returning to California, the New York pathology report expressed concerns about the existence of possible cancer cells. Our New York eye surgeon highly recommended Dr. Christopher Zoumalan, an Aesthetic and Reconstructive Oculoplastic surgeon in Beverly Hills to complete the program. Within a few days, Dr. Zoumalan had analyzed the pictures and documentation from New York, had coordinated with specialty dermatologist, reserved an operating theater, and had my surgery scheduled. I even met Dr. Zoumalan on an August Sunday afternoon to complete the pre-operation preparation. In my case, Dr. Zoumalan combined total personal interest, attention to detail, integrity, and professionalism in all aspects of the procedures and follow up visits. I haven’t had to wait very long in his waiting room before other individuals have volunteered their satisfaction with his work. «You are in the best of hands.»
  • «All my concerns were answered with details about my condition, the surgery, and the recovery. I am deeply grateful for his patience, understanding of my fears, and his talented vision to give me back the confidence to show my eyes again without hiding behind my glasses. Dr. Zoumalan is a gem, his attention to detail is why I trust him to take care of me and everyone around me who needs his expertise as he is the best at what he does. I do not need to say more. «
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  • «Everyone saw for themselves how he took care of me, and the amazing and quick recovery. My surgery went with grace and ease, little bruising, almost no swelling. I was up and about very quickly on my way to recovery. The scars are invisible. Everyone around me can testify about my easy process. Dr. Zoumalan is a prime talented surgeon. I will always recommend him as my experience has been amazing. Thank you Dr. Zoumalan, and also to your staff. Everyone has been more than super wonderful in every way. Merci to you all. «
  • «Dr. Zoumalan addressed all my concerns and definitely answered all my questions. He is very thorough and informative about everything. Dr. Zoumalan is extremely tentative and caring. His concerns for his patients are amazing. He is always there to answer your questions, and is 100% there for you at all times. I had fillers and didn’t feel any pain. He really makes sure you are numb so you don’t feel anything. I had no bruising, and my results were exactly what I wanted!»
  • «In my opinion, Dr. Zoumalan goes above and beyond the level of care required to show his concern and assist with serving problems. First and foremost, he’s absolutely adorable! Best of all, his patience and gentle touch with the elderly patients is amazing. The process for the procedure was clearly explained and the aftercare provided by Dr. Zoumalan was more than adequate and extremely comforting.»
  • «Dr. Zoumalan addressed my concerns and appropriately helped me throughout the process. He is extremely thoughtful, concerned and great follow-up after my surgery. The process has been pretty much as expected as far as bruising, swelling, etc. I have recommended Dr. Zoumalan to 3 friends already.»
  • «I had a bad and misfortunate accident in April 2011 in which I broke a few bones and most concerning my right orbital bone. I was devastated and very worried to find a surgeon who not only would save my right eye but also could repair my face. My physician recommended Dr. Zoumalan, a reconstructive oculoplastic surgeon, which was truly the best thing that could have happen to me. Dr. Zoumalan’s warm and calm demeanor put me immediately at ease. The emotional stress and fear was living in me and I able to feel his trust and I knew then that I’m in the hands of a fine surgeon. From the pre-op procedures all the way through surgery and the follow up visits Dr. Zoumalan took exceptionally good care of me. His kindness and professionalism makes him truly an extraordinary surgeon and his entire staff reflects his personality.»
  • «I had a marvelous experience with Dr Chris Zoumalan. I had been bothered by my dropping eyelids for several years and wanted to do something about it. After a very thoughtful and careful consultation, I put my trust in Dr Chris and his team. My surgery was a success, with Dr Chris calling me regularly to make sure everything was okay. He addressed any and all of my concerns or questions very friendly and professionally and I felt comfortable with him every step of the way. I would very strongly – without a doubt – recommend Dr Chris Zoumalan to all of my friends and family. He is the best!»
  • «My experience with Dr. Zoumalan was fabulous. After years of embarrassing encounters with people telling me how tired I look ,Dr. Zoumalan was able to work with me to fine a solution that addressed all my concerns and successfully put my fears to rest. Dr. Zoumalan took great care of me during the procedure and his follow up was both personal and genuine.
He is a true professional with a touch of old fashioned class and I will happily recommend Dr. Zoumalan to all my family and friends»
  • «I went into see Dr. Christopher Zoumalan to fix my left drooping eyelid. I was nervous and really did not know what to expect. Dr. Zoumalan was very informative and reassured me that the procedure was not complicated and it was highly unlikely there would be any problems. Dr. Zoumalan was there for me throughout the entire procedure which made me feel safe and comfortable. After the surgery, I followed his instructions and was surprised to have experienced minimal pain and swelling. After a couple of days, I went back in to get my stitches removed and I felt great. My eye looks wonderful and I feel like Dr. Zoumalan went above and beyond to ease my nerves and help me through this procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Zoumalan to all of my family and friends.»
  • «Dr. Zoumalan turned my frown upside down and I haven’t been able to stop smiling. Seriously though one of the best in West for any eye problems. A complete Beverly Hills experience with a doctor who cares extremely about his patients, I couldn’t have asked for more I’m so happy I found him. The minute you walk in the door you’re treated by a kind and caring staff that make you feel right at home. All of my questions were answered and he took care of a stye I had for a long time as well fixing my uneven eye. He’s the best – oh wait I think I already said that but can’t stress it enough.»
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    2013-10-15 17-27-29
    2013-10-15 17-28-10
  • «Dr. Zoumalan addressed all my concerns and definitely answered all my questions. He is very thorough and informative about everything. Dr. Zoumalan is extremely tentative and caring. His concerns for his patients are amazing. He is always there to answer your questions, and is 100% there for you at all times. I had fillers and didn’t feel any pain. He really makes sure you are numb so you don’t feel anything. I had no bruising, and my results were exactly what I wanted!»
  • «Dr. Zoumalan is amazing! After being misdiagnosed many times by different physicians he knew what the problem was within the first visit. My eye problem was solved within the week. I cannot thank him! So glad I found him! «
  • «Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Doctor Zoumalan, I not only can see again, I love the eyes I see out of!!! You have made my dream come true – since I was 15 years old, I wanted ‘double eyes’ (a fold in the eyelid, so make up could be applied properly)!!! You can’t imagine the time I took with tape and liquid eye liner to try to achieve my ‘eyedeal’ eye look!!! You gave me a wish come true with your professionalism, artistry and your persistence to perfection!! And without any pain, what-so-ever!!! Amazing!!! My family and friends are so happy for me and just amazed at the transformation!!!»
    «Dr Zoumalan has given me the best Doctor/Patient relationship I’ve ever had in my 52 years. He is caring, compassionate, skilled, and an amazing surgeon. He helped reconstruct my eyelid after removing an eyelid cancer from it. He is the Best!»
  • «My dermatologist recommended Dr. Zoumalan. I researched his education and experience on-line and was highly impressed by his credentials. Dr. Zoumalan’s credentials do not describe the superior level of care and compassion you will receive as his patient. The care begins with his office staff. They are professional, friendly and answer all the administrative questions you may have. Dr. Zoumalan will instantly inspire your trust in his skills. You will be confident you have the right surgeon taking care of you. Dr. Zoumalan described his surgical plan, and confidently answered my questions in an unhurried manner. I knew I was in the care of an expert who cared about my overall experience and ultimate results. The follow-up care was superb–imagine a physician calling you personally to check on your post-surgical recovery! Dr. Zoumalan and his staff exhibit exactly how medical care should be delivered; personally, compassionately and backed by years of education, training and experience in his profession. The results exceeded my expectations. Thank you Dr. Zoumalan.»
  • «My experience with Dr. Zoumalan could not have been better. I had an infection in my eye, which he diligently told me would clear up, & to wait a few day with medicine he suggested I use. It cleared up just as he said it would. I went back to him for some fillers, & juvederm which he performed beautifully & made a big difference in my apperance. Gone are the lines around my eyes, in between my eyebrows, & the crevesis in between my cheeks. He was polite, caring & it is my pleasure to reccommend him.»
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    2013-10-14 14-28-53
  • «I cannot say enough good things about my experience here for my lip injections. I was seen right away, and have never felt so comfortable with a stranger 2 inches from my face. Dr. Zoumalan gave a presentation with the differences of the fillers and made suggestions for me as an individual. I came in looking for a specific look (not so ducky/pouty but more of a wider lip) and the result was EXACTLY what I wanted. He allowed me to choose my own numbing process (topical cream or dental block) He stopped throughout and allowed me to look so that we were on the same page the whole time, he made sure I was feeling ok and that I was liking the outcome. He did not rush and was so friendly and even followed up with me a few days later to make sure everything was ok. Amazing experience, amazing results, I would recommend him to anyone
  • 2013-10-15-17-22-15


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