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1) Do scars result from an upper lid blepharoplasty procedure?

2) What can I do to heal scars from an upper lid blepharoplasty procedure?

3) How will eyelid scars look after surgery?

4) How do I hide eyelid scars?

5) What is Oculoplastic Surgery?

6) Why should I seek consultation for my eyelids and/or eye socket with Dr. Zoumalan?

7) Does Dr. Zoumalan also perform non-surgical cosmetic procedures?

8) Is Dr. Zoumalan considered a cosmetic surgeon?

9) What should I expect at my preoperative visit for your upcoming surgery?

10) What should I expect on the day of my surgery?

11) What should I expect after undergoing surgery in terms of recovery and pain control?

12) What are the risks and complications to my surgery?

13) What to generally expect in terms of recovery after undergoing eyelid or orbital surgery?

14) Does insurance cover orbital surgery or eye socket reconstructive surgery?

15) What are blunt-tipped microcannulas and when are they used?

16) How to best prepare for my upcoming botox and fillers?

17) For non-surgical cosmetic procedures (fillers, botox, etc): Is the procedure painful and should I expect bruising?

18) For non-surgical cosmetic procedures: If I’m not happy with the results, is the procedure reversible?

19) What are the risks associated with non-surgical cosmetic procedures?

20) When can I resume my activities and what are general post care instructions for my non-surgical cosmetic procedures?

21) What are the risks and complications to cosmetic eye surgery?

22) Does insurance cover my procedures?

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