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Lip Augmentation with Restylane and Juvederm

Lip augmentation is commonly performed on patients that wish to have a fuller upper and lower lip. Although various products can be used for lip augmentation, Dr. Zoumalan feels that the safest product for lip augmentation are hyaluronic acid products. They are well tolerated, safe and reversible.

How many syringes do you need?

This is a fairly common question and it all depends on how you wish to have your lips augmented. I generally perform a conservative lip augmentation and use no more than 1 syringe of a hyaluronic acid filler.

How Much Do Injections Cost?

The price range per syringe is anywhere from 600-800 dollars and depends on the type of product and size of syringe.

How long does a lip augmentation last for?

The lips generally do not last as long as other parts of the body. Injections may last anywhere from 6-12 months. The biocompatible compound will then be naturally absorbed into the body.

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Common Lip Augmentation Q&A

  • Beverly Hills Restalyne before and after lip augmentation photos

    Preoperative diagnosis: Mild to moderate volume loss in upper lips.

    Procedure performed: Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers were used to augment the upper lip to allow for a more natural and youthful look. A total of 0.6ml of filler was used.

  • Juvederm Los Angeles before and after photos

    Preoperative diagnosis: Mild asymmetry in upper lip volume (left upper lip has less volume than right upper lip).

    Procedure performed: Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers were used to augment the upper lip and in order to achieve a more fuller and symmetric look.


*Individual results may vary

All before and after pictures displayed are real patients who have consented to having their pictures published on our site. Individual results will vary with each patient and Dr. Christopher Zoumalan does not guarantee any outcomes of procedures shown. All pictures are meant for reference and illustrative purposes only.

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