Why Men Also Love Eyelid Surgery

Feeling confident about your appearance is not just a priority for women. Men also enjoy looking their best. Just like women, the natural aging process and certain lifestyle habits can impact men’s facial aesthetic. The impact of aging on the eyes can make men appear much older and tired-looking. Eyelid surgery, also referred to as “blepharoplasty,” can improve the look of men’s eyes and enhance their overall appearance. Below you will find why men also love eyelid surgery.

Why Men Also Love Eyelid Surgery

Despite most cosmetic procedures and treatments targeting women, men can benefit from them as well. Men regularly get eyelid surgery for a number of reasons. In fact, it is one of the more common facial procedures men get to enhance their appearance. Men can benefit from both upper and lower eyelid surgery. Consider some of the major reasons why men love eyelid surgery.

  • Remove sagging skin, muscle, and fat from the upper eyelids
  • Remove excess fat and skin from the lower eyelids
  • Improve vision issues caused by sagging eyelids
  • Restore the eyelid crease areas on the eyes
  • Enhance the appearance of dark circles under the eyes
  • Reduce puffiness around the eyes

Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

Certain lifestyle habits and the natural aging process can impact men’s facial aesthetic. This can lower one’s confidence and cause issues with one’s self-image. Consider the following benefits of eyelid surgery.

Confidence Boost:

The impact of upper eyelid sagging and lower eyelid bags can negatively impact men’s facial aesthetic. Eyelid surgery can restore one’s confidence in their appearance after eyelid surgery. Countless patients have reported feeling a boost in their self-esteem due to the positive impact of their eyelid surgery results.

Youthful Appearance:

Aging eyes can make men look tired and much older than they are. Looking older than you feel can impact your self-image. Eyelid surgery can help restore your youthful appearance and make you feel like your old self again.

Improved Vision:

Some people have vision issues related to sagging eyelids. This is due to the overhang of excess skin, fat, and muscle. Some men experience heavy eyelids, trouble looking up, and impaired vision. Removing the skin, fat, and muscle with male blepharoplasty in Beverly Hills can restore your vision from issues caused by sagging eyelids.

Enhance Results of Combined Procedure:

Some men may opt to get multiple procedures or treatments. In fact, some men may combine eyelid surgery with a brow lift. In addition to combining cosmetic procedures, some men choose to get certain cosmetic treatments. Botox and dermal fillers are a great addition as they can enhance the results. Talk with your eyelid surgeon in Los Angeles during the consultation about which procedures may be beneficial to combine with your eyelid surgery.

Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Depending on your unique needs you may benefit from lower eyelid surgery, upper eyelid surgery, or both. This will be determined at your consultation so it’s important to talk with your eyelid surgeon about your expectations. Both upper and lower eyelid surgery target different areas of your eyes. Upper eyelid surgery addresses saggy upper eyelids. Lower eyelid surgery addresses bulging under eye bags.

The procedure involves the use of small, precise incisions. This ensures minimal to no scarring as they are strategically placed to ensure optimal results. Dr. Zoumalan uses modern surgical techniques that are both minimally invasive and effective. In addition to the smooth process when it comes to the procedure, the recovery period is also fast. If you are interested in addressing issues around your eyes, contact Dr. Zoumalan and schedule a consultation. He has helped countless men restore their appearance and improve their confidence.

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