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What is the Difference Between Botox and Brow Lift Surgery?

Posted On 04/17/2019 by Dr. Christopher Zoumalan

With time, most people notice changes in their faces. You may have lines across your forehead, or your eyebrows may droop below their natural position above the brow bone. Your eyes may develop a more hooded look. These aspects of the aging process can make you look not just older, but also tired, angry or sad.

If you want to do something about the appearance of your brow area, you may be interested in brow lift surgery. Brow lift surgery is an established and effective method of restoring the youthful contour of your forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows. Now, those who cannot or do not want to undergo surgery for any reason can choose a different treatment: the “Botox Brow Lift.”

What is the difference between Botox and brow lift surgery? Read on to find out!

Dr. Zoumalan Specializes in Eye-Area Surgery

Dr. Christopher Zoumalan is a board-certified Oculoplastic surgeon that exclusively specializes in cosmetic eyelid surgery. Dr. Zoumalan also specializes in injectable fillers, like Botox, around the eye. He is one of a handful of plastic surgeons that have received subspecialty training as a board-certified Oculoplastic Surgeon.

Brow Lift Surgery

To provide the best results in brow rejuvenation surgery, there are several types of brow lifting procedures that Dr. Zoumalan performs. Your choice of procedure will be specific to your desired results, examination findings, age, and gender.

Dr. Zoumalan strives to provide a natural result, so your brows don’t appear unnatural or “overdone.” At his practice, he provides the following four types of brow lift surgery:

Endoscopic Brow Lift: Small incisions are made in the scalp to lift the brow higher. In Dr. Zoumalan’s opinion, this procedure provides the best overall improvement to the eyebrow shape and position, and longevity, in comparison to other brow lifting procedures. The incisions are all made behind the hairline so they are not visible.

Temporal/Lateral Brow Lift: Lifting the lateral (side) of the brow for a more natural appearing brow contour. This is a great procedure for a subtle lift to the tail of the eyebrow, and the incisions are made behind the hairline so they are not that visible.

Brow Pexy: Placement of a series of internal sutures which lift the brow. This procedure is done at the same time as an upper eyelid blepharoplasty and performed internally through the same incision. It allows for a subtle repositioning of the eyebrow.

Direct Brow Lifts: Excision of a small portion of the forehead/brow skin to directly elevate the brows. This is normally done for patients with severe drooping, or males with very heavy brows. This procedure can often be modified for male patients with already pre-existing forehead wrinkles to create an excellent, natural result with very minimal visibility of the well-placed scar.

Reasons to Have Brow Lift Surgery

-The outsides of your brows sag significantly

-The central portion of your brow hangs down

-You have apparent frown lines between the eyes

-You wear makeup and notice that you are unable to apply makeup to the upper eyelid This is a result of the surface area being obscured by dropping tissues that have aged

-Excess skin above the upper eyelid

-You want to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence

Dr. Zoumalan often combines brow lift surgery with blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery.) It can also be performed with other facial plastic procedures such as a facelift or rhinoplasty. He takes a multi-disciplinary approach to plastic surgery and routinely works alongside facial and body plastic surgeons to meet every patient’s needs and exceed their expectations. If you are interested in combining brow lift surgery with other plastic surgery procedures, contact Dr. Zoumalan to find out how he can recommend your ideal medical team.

Botox Injections and the “Botox Brow Lift”

In addition to performing nearly 10,000 Botox procedures over his career, Dr. Zoumalan also continues to train other physicians across the United States on how to enhance the appearance using Botox.

Botox is an injectable botulinum toxin which can help patients achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance. It is usually used in facial areas which you move the most, and in which wrinkles often occur as a result:

Crows-Feet: The wrinkles that are formed around the corner of the eyelids and are most prominent when smiling.

Forehead Wrinkles: Horizontal wrinkles along the forehead that are seen at rest and during a typical day to day movement.

Glabellar lines, or “frown lines”: These wrinkles are most noticeable when frowning. They often occur right where the nose and forehead meet in between the eyebrows.

What is the Difference Between Botox and Brow Lift Surgery?

A “Botox Brow Lift” treats frown lines between your brows and elevates the height of your eyebrows using Botox injections. The Botox works by relaxing the underlying muscles, which smooths your skin on the outside. It also allows the forehead muscles to pull up the now-relaxed muscles between the brows. In some cases, results are enhanced by the additional placement of Botox injections on the outside of the eyebrows. The results are a higher, smoother brow and more opened eyes.

This procedure can smooth out deep wrinkles without surgery. The amount of lift you get with a “Botox Brow Lift” varies according to your age and the tone of the muscles which pull up the brows.

Good Candidates for Botox

Botox injections may be right for you if you fit the following description:

-18 and older

-You have moderate-to-severe frown lines

-Over-the-counter treatments are not helping

-You have significantly sagging skin that will benefit from this type of muscle lifting

Follow-Up Procedures

Most Botox injections will last between three and six months. To maintain your results, you simply need to follow up with repeat treatments.

Dr. Zoumalan

Dr. Christopher Zoumalan is a board-certified Oculoplastic surgeon that exclusively specializes in cosmetic eyelid surgery. He has been featured on TV’s “The Dr.’s” and is among the top 1% of America’s Most Honored Professionals. He regularly performs cosmetic surgery of the eyelids and brows, blepharoplasty surgery, and ptosis surgery (droopy eyelid surgery) as well as non-surgical procedures like the “Botox Brow Lift.” He is seen by out-of-town patients in addition to patients local to Southern California.

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