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Under Eye Vein Treatment in Beverly Hills

Veins under the eyes can appear naturally through aging, as the skin becomes thinner and allows the veins to show. However, it can also be tied to a number of factors, including sun exposure, genetics, and lifestyle habits. What they all have in common is that the appearance of these veins can impact your facial appearance. They lead to a tired or fatigued look despite not feeling anything of the sort. With under eye vein treatment in Beverly Hills, you can achieve a rested, youthful appearance without the need for surgery.

How Do We Treat Under Eye Veins?

Once under eye veins appear, treating them without a professional can prove mostly ineffective. But with professional care, you are presented with effective, consistent results that can boost confidence in your appearance. Our preferred non-surgical treatment for under eye veins uses YAG laser therapy. This treatment produces impressive improvements that can reduce or eliminate the appearance of under eye (periorbital) veins without the drawbacks of surgery.

How YAG Laser Under Eye Vein Removal Works?

The special laser system we use for vein treatment is the long-pulse Nd:YAG laser. This precise laser system sends precise, intense amounts of laser energy into the targeted veins, which leads to controlled coagulation in that vein. This ceases blood flow through that vein, and the body then naturally reabsorbs the vein tissue. As this occurs, the vein will gradually disappear from the skin’s surface. Note this treatment does not prevent healthy blood flow, as the body naturally redirects circulation from the absorbed veins into deeper veins.

Benefits of YAG Laser Treatment

  • Precision treatment
  • Minimal irritation of surrounding tissues
  • Consistent results
  • No downtime required
  • Mild side effects that resolve within days

What Is an Under Eye Vein Treatment Like?

We start by applying a cooling gel to the surface of the skin to prevent any overheating. The YAG device itself operates with a unique sapphire-cooled tip, which creates additional temperature control for a comfortable experience. So, while the laser energy delivered does heat up the veins, the cooling tip immediately reduces the temperature of the area. This allows for the effect to take place while the surrounding tissues do not overheat. We also place protective gear over the eyes to ensure that they are protected from the light emitted by the device.

Patients report a comfortable treatment experience without any pain, and there is no need for even local anesthesia. Treatment times can vary, but most patients can expect about 30 minutes for a treatment session. If you are having combined treatments, the duration will be affected.

Is There a Recovery Period?

Due to the sapphire-cooled tip, any irritation to surrounding tissues is minimized. While there may be some redness or minor swelling, these are typically mild and resolve within a day or two. Patients can return to their daily routine immediately following treatment. However, some patients prefer to stay indoors for a day or so if there is redness and wait for it to fade. Additionally, we recommend avoiding anything that can irritate the under eye area for a few days. So be careful about things like excess sun exposure or using products that can be abrasive or irritating to the skin.

When Will I See Results?

Another advantage of using the YAG laser for under eye veins is that most patients need only a single session to see full results. Working with an eye and face surgeon like Dr. Zoumalan is one of the best ways to see optimal results.

With expertise in the tissues and structures around the eyes, he can perform a safer and more effective treatment. For larger veins, some patients may need to return for a second treatment, but such cases are less common. If this is the case, we typically schedule the second session about 1 month after the first, which allows the under eye area to be fully recovered.

Following treatment, it can take a couple of weeks to a month to see your full results. This is because it can take some time for the vein to be fully reabsorbed into the body. Patients should see gradual improvements each day until the targeted veins are no longer visible. Once the vein is gone, it will not regenerate and become visible again. However, other factors can eventually lead to new veins becoming visible, but this varies from patient to patient. A healthy lifestyle can be a preventative factor from seeing additional veins in the future.

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