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What is Kybella?

Kybella treatment helps patients decrease the appearance of submental fullness underneath the chin. Submental fullness, also referred to as a double chin, is the fat that lies underneath the chin in the neck area. Kybella is an FDA-approved safe treatment that can decrease the amount of fat cells under the chin. This treatment contains a synthetic deoxycholic acid that is naturally found in the body that breaks down and absorbs fat cells. Kybella makes it easy for patients to subtly eliminate fat underneath the chin with a few injections. This treatment is provided by the maker of Botox, Allergan.

Kybella Treatment
Photo courtesy of Allergan, Inc.

What Causes Submental Fullness?

Submental fullness can be caused by weight gain, genetics and aging. Weight gain can easily cause fat to become more concentrated in the chin and neck area. Some patients are more prone to more fat under the chin due to genetics. Over time, aging will cause skin to lose its elasticity and allow for fat to accumulate in this area.

Benefits of Kybella

Kybella is a quick, minimally invasive procedure that can be performed in under 20 minutes. There is absolutely no surgery or incisions required. The treatment requires little to no downtime post treatment. Compared to its surgical counterparts, this procedure is a cost effective option that can help get rid of unwanted submental fullness. Kybella can help transform the profile and sculpt the jawline.

Kybella Treatment
Photo courtesy of Allergan, Inc.

Candidates for Kybella

Candidates for this treatment should be in good health, have a moderate to severe fullness under the chin and realistic expectations. Dr. Zoumalan will take the time to evaluate each patient’s candidacy through a thorough consultation process. He will examine the patient’s chin area, evaluate their medical history and discuss their ideal goals. Once candidacy has been determined, he will go over any necessary pre-operative instructions and details to educate the patient about the Kybella procedure. Each patient will have a specially tailored Kybella treatment plan created based on their submental fullness, aesthetic standards and Dr. Zoumalan’s expertise. After the consultation, Dr. Zoumalan’s friendly staff will schedule a procedure date that best accommodates the patient’s schedule.

Kybella vs. Surgical Options

Surgical options that eradicate neck fat include liposuction and neck lift. Liposuction is a quick fix procedure that involves suctioning out fat through a tube. This procedure can help remove fat cells and present a more contoured profile. A neck lift procedure is a more invasive alternative where the surgeon removes fat and excess skin to tighten the neck. This surgical procedure will reveal a improved profile. Both options involve extensive procedures and recovery times. Kybella gives patients the opportunity to refresh their appearance with a simple non-invasive procedure. This treatment is a minimally invasive, non-surgical option that requires no incisions. Compared to surgical options, Kybella requires little to no downtime for recovery and does not involve an extensive surgical procedure.

Kybella Treatment
Photo courtesy of Allergan, Inc.

What to Expect

During treatment, Dr. Zoumalan will strategically place a specified number of injections under the chin. Patients may feel mild pressure as the injections are being administered. Injections can be done in one or multiple sessions based on the patient’s unique treatment plan. Any slight discomfort patients may experience after the Kybella treatment will resolve within a week of the injections. All normal activities may be resumed immediately following the treatment. Patients will start to see results within weeks of the treatment and improvements with each session. Full results can be seen 6-8 weeks after the last treatment session. Once the fat cells have diminished, fat can no longer be stored in this area. Patients on average will receive 3-4 treatments within months of each other. After the final treatment session, Dr. Zoumalan will sit with the patient to discuss their progress and healing. He is dedicated to ensuring that his patients get results they love.

Why Choose Dr. Zoumalan

Dr. Zoumalan is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles who strives to provide treatments that give patients the opportunity to receive desired results. He’s a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive, facial aesthetic procedures like the Kybella treatment. Dr. Zoumalan is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and a graduate of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons fellowship training program. He is passionate about helping patients address concerns with cosmetic treatments in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

If you are interested in the Kybella treatment, contact our friendly staff to book your appointment with Dr. Zoumalan to see if you are a candidate today.

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