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Eyelid crease

A natural inward-creasing of the upper eyelid skin, which divides the eyelid into a lower segment just above the eyelashes, and an upper segment that runs from the crease up toward the eyebrow. This is termed a “double-eyelid crease.” The crease is formed from attachments of deeper eyelid muscle structures (i.e. levator complex) that inserts onto the skin. It varies in location, but usually is located above 5-8 mm above the eyelid lashes in Caucasians. The crease is only present in about 50% of the Asian population; in Asians with a present crease, it varies in location and be present just about the eyelashes or several millimeters above the eyelashes. Eyelid creases can be created or increased in height surgically though an eyelid surgery termed “double-eyelid surgery.”

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