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What Causes Dark Circles Under Our Eyes?

Posted On 09/13/2018 by Dr. Christopher Zoumalan

After a sleepless night, staying up late and even drinking alcohol, or a good cry, it’s normal to experience dark circles (often accompanied by bags) under your eyes. But what if you find dark circles are a long-term problem? Do you know where to find dark circle removal in Los Angeles?
Dark circles under your eyes can make you appear older than you are, and it may not be so obvious how to get rid of them. They can occur in anyone but usually become more common as we age.

Some major contributors to dark circles are:


Sleep deprivation can make your skin dull and pale, allowing for dark tissue and blood vessels under the skin to show. It can also cause fluid buildup beneath your eyes, causing them to become puffy.


As you age, your skin thins out and loses elasticity, making dark blood vessels more visible.

Eye strain

Staring at your computer, phone, tablet, and TV screen can significantly strain your eyes. This causes the blood vessels around your eyes to get larger, making them more visible. The result is that the area under your eyes looks darker.


Allergic reactions of any kind, including dry eyes, can create dark circles. The histamine released by the reaction is another factor that causes blood vessels around the eyes to dilate and become more visible. In addition, if your eye area becomes itchy, you may rub or scratch it. This can cause inflammation, swelling, and broken blood vessels, resulting in dark shadows under your eyes.


Dehydration is a very common cause of dark circles. When you do not get enough water, your eyes look sunken and dull.

Sun overexposure

Overexposure to the sun can lead to hyperpigmentation. This means the skin around your eyes darkens.


Family history has a role to play in whether you develop dark circles around your eyes. Dark circles may even present in childhood, and it can either get worse with age or slowly disappear. Being predisposed to other medical conditions can also lead to dark circles.

Dark Circle Removal in Los Angeles

There are both surgical and non-surgical treatments available for dark circle removal in Los Angeles. Dr. Zoumalan will consult with you to determine which treatment is best for you based on the underlying cause of your dark circles.

Dark Circles with Bags Under the Eyes

Prominent fat pockets in the lower lids can result in bulging lower eyelids that look like dark circles. Lower lid blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is a minor eyelid surgery and helps remove the excess fat pockets.
If you also have what is known as ‘lower lid hollowing’ or volume loss with under eye fat pockets, Dr. Zoumalan can reposition some of the fat he has removed during the time of surgery to restore volume.

Dark Circles due to “Hollowed’ Eyes

Dark circles appear as ‘shadows’ under your eyes when there is a hollowing or volume loss along the lower eyelid, making the eye area concave. Typically, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers – which are predictable, reversable, and don’t require surgery – are injected into the lid-cheek junction and the midface.
Injecting fat taken from other parts of the body is not the route of choice for this procedure, unless you are already undergoing lower lid blepharoplasty to remove excess fat pockets.


When excess melanin is produced due to sun exposure, the skin around the eyes darkens. It can be lightened again using professional skin bleaching or brighteners.

Thin Skin

Chemical peels or a fractionated CO2 laser can help tighten the skin on the lower lid as well as increase collagen formation. They are especially good for people with mild pigmentation challenges or light wrinkles. Patients with thin skin may also benefit from a combination of treatments. Consult with your doctor about your specific case.


If you have allergies, surgery, fillers, and other treatments will worsen the problem. For these conditions, see an allergist to address the underlying issue.

Dr. Christopher Zoumalan, MD, FACS, is a Board Certified Cosmetic Eyelid Surgeon specializing in dark circle treatment in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Dr. Zoumalan will help you achieve the most natural results while rejuvenating your look. Everyone enters the doctor’s office with their own unique challenges, and Dr. Zoumalan is dedicated to bringing out your youth and beauty through surgical and non-surgical procedures. Click Here to Start Your Virtual Consultation!

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