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What to Expect With an Asian Eyelid Surgery

Posted On 01/04/2017 by Dr. Christopher Zoumalan

Everyone desires a well-rested and naturally refreshed look when it comes to their eyes. For many people achieving their desired look may be as simple as getting a good night’s sleep, for others it can be extremely difficult. Some people just naturally have drooping, sagging and single eyelids. Many nationalities and people groups are prone to having these characteristic traits in their eyelids. The most predominant nationality to suffer from droopy and saggy eyelids are primarily East Asians. Despite the fact that the Asian eyelid primarily has the same anatomical structure as that of a Caucasian eyelid, there are various varying differences in the width, shape and position of the eyelid structures. For this reason, many Asians tend to have hooded eyelids that lack a natural crease and thus often have single eyelids. While Asians are not the only nationality to experience the effects of single eyelids, they are the primary beneficiaries and for this reason the procedure is entitled Asian Eyelid Surgery.

For anyone that has a single eyelid but desires a change, they often desire an eyelid that has a natural crease and doesn’t have the drooping or hooded qualities of a single lid. In other words they desire to have double eyelids. Regardless of whether you simply have droopy lids or have single eyelids, an Asian eyelid surgery can be very beneficial to you. Dr. Zoumalan is one of a few handful of board certified cosmetic eyelid surgeons that specializes in Asian eyelid or double eyelid surgery. If you have single eyelids and want to make a change read on to learn the various Asian eyelid surgery benefits and what to expect with an Asian eyelid surgery.

What is Asian Eyelid Surgery?

Asian eyelid surgery is a cosmetic eyelid procedure in which Dr. Zoumalan reshapes the skin around the eye. It is clear that the eye and the eyelid are central in the overall appearance of someone, and with the Asian eyelid surgery patients are able to achieve the eyelid appearance they desire. Approximately half of all Asians are born with a single eyelid structure often without an upper eyelid crease. With the large differences that Asians’ eyelids have with respect to length, shape and height, this procedure beneficial in providing them with double eyelids.

The Asian eyelid surgery procedure is a very delicate and rewarding procedure that requires great attention to detail. While the procedure is very delicate and time consuming, it also is extremely popular not only in the west but all over the world. In Taiwan, South Korea and various other parts of East Asia, Asian eyelid surgeries are reported to be the most common of aesthetic procedures. This is evidence that contrary to popular belief most Asians with single eyelids do not desire to look more westernized with the procedure. Instead, asian eyelid surgery is such a common procedure because many Asians desire to look more like their friends with double eyelids. Most Asians that undergo double eyelid surgery tend to undergo the procedure because generally they want to have a natural looking crease while maintaining the Asian lid features.

What Results Can I Expect After the Procedure?

The results of any procedure provided by Dr. Zoumalan, including the Asian eyelid surgery, will vary from patient to patient based on the individual desires of each patient. Because each and every patient desires a different appearance, Dr. Zoumalan does not provide just one type of Asian eyelid surgery. Based upon the various enhancements and variations that can be made with the procedure Dr. Zoumalan works with each individual patient to ensure they receive their desired outcome. In a very general and broad overview, the most common results seen from an Asian eyelid surgery are improved lid crease height, enhanced shape and desired eyelid continuity and permanence.

Generally a hairline incision is utilized at the natural crease in order to ensure that the incision is as small and discreet as possible. There is often times no visible scar at all once the healing process has completed. The hairline incision will be hidden deep within the crease and prevent most leftover signs of a procedure or a scar.

Benefits of an Asian Eyelid Procedure

There are various Asian eyelid surgery benefits that any patient that undergoes the procedure is privy to. In addition to improved eyelid structures, enhanced shape, desired eyelid continuity and no scars, the procedure has various benefits. Read on to learn some of the many Asian eyelid surgery benefits that you may have never even thought of!

You Just Want Improved Eyelid Features- Some patients that undergo Asian eyelid surgery desire to look more westernized, some want to appear more natural and some want similar eyelids to that of their friends and peers. However, an Asian eyelid surgery can even beneficial to those that just want improved eyelid features without a complete overhaul of their eyelid anatomical structure. Regardless of age, sex and even physical condition, improved eyelid features can be achieved with an Asian eyelid procedure.

You Want Eyelid Symmetry- One of the many common qualms of Asian eyelid surgery patients is not simply that their eyelid crease is undesirable to them but that their very eyelids don’t appear symmetrical. With Asian eyelid surgery the appearance of asymmetrical eyelids can be improved and corrected. This is especially beneficial to women that want to achieve that perfect and desired look which of course includes symmetrical eyelids.

You Want Natural Appearing Folds- This benefit isn’t a lesser known benefit of Asian eyelid surgery, in fact it is one of the most common benefits that drive patients to undergo the procedure. Natural appearing folds are important for facial symmetry, desired lid crease height and to ensure patients have their overall perfect eyelids that they want. Natural appearing folds are one of the most common and most effective Asian eyelid surgery benefits.

You Want Big Round Eyes- Many women that desire larger rounder eyes can achieve that appearance with Asian eyelid surgery. Women often testify that their beauty, in their eyes, has improved exponentially with a double eyelid surgery.

You Want Reduced Excess Skin- Some women that undergo Asian eyelid surgery do so in order to remove excess skin that plagues them near their eyes. The procedure is not only perfect for removing excess skin but it also can help to reduce puffiness and bulging in the upper lids.

Easy To Apply Makeup- We bet you never thought that the double eyelid surgery procedure could even help making your morning routine a little easier. Out of the many Asian eyelid surgery benefits, one of the most prominent yet unknown benefit is that the procedure makes applying makeup much easier. With single eyelids it can be difficult to put on makeup and experience the full effects of professional makeup. A double eyelid surgery can help to improve this significantly.

Why Do I Need an Asian Eyelid Surgery?

Asian eyelid surgery is becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery procedure for patients of all ages, genders and backgrounds. However, the procedure is most popular amongst those of Asian descent for a reason. The Asian eyelid structure is very different than that of Caucasians and if Asians desire a more natural western appearing eyelid structure then this procedure can be beneficial.

Because of the many different options there are available for this procedure, it would be in your best interest to consult with Dr. Zoumalan before making your decision. He will ask you some questions to help you with the decision-making process. As there are different shaped lid creases to choose from (parallel lateral crease and lateral crease flare), Dr. Zoumalan would like to make sure he and all his patients are on the same page.

If you want to learn more about the Asian eyelid procedure click here- http://bit.ly/2hxy5HS

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