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Restore Your Vision with Ptosis Surgery

Posted On 10/22/2013 by Dr. Christopher Zoumalan

If you suffer from ptosis you are most likely at least 40 or older. It progressively makes it difficult for people to see as they age. Severe cases involve eyelids that block a person’s vision, which makes it nearly impossible to complete daily activities and is dangerous for drivers. Medical coverage may be applied for those who need corrective surgery in order to maintain vision. With ptosis surgery people who suffer from droopy eyelids can reclaim their vision.

Ptosis surgery is a non-cosmetic, corrective surgery for patients who suffer from obstructed vision. Ptosis is a medical condition of drooping eyelids. It can occur in one or both eyelids and affects the ability to read, drive and perform even basic activities of daily living. With a limited field of vision, people do not get to experience the qualities of life that require full visual attention.

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