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Natural appearing lip augmentation

Posted On 10/22/2013 by Dr. Christopher Zoumalan

Most of my patients that see me for lip augmentation really just wish for fuller lips that still appear natural. I avoid the over-filled apperance and respect the natural appearance of a “normal lip” where the upper lip is slightly smaller (up to 33%) than the lower lip.

I like to use the micro-cannula for my lip augmentation procedures. The patients do not require a dental block; topical anesthesia cream by itself is usually adequate for pain control. In my experience, the patient’s tolerate the procedure so much better than traditional needle injections and have much less incidence of bruising after the procedure.

Pre injection photos show slightly reduced volume in the upper lip in comparison to the lower lip.

Post injection shows improvement in upper lip volume, a slightly more prominent vermillion border (where the skin meets the lip), and minimal increase in lower lip volume as well in order to preserve the ratio of volume between the upper and lower lip.

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