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What to Expect After Surgery?

Posted On 10/22/2013 by Dr. Christopher Zoumalan

The eyelids may appear swollen and vision may be blurry, but elevation and applying ice packs reduce swelling. Vision will progress and resume normal function over time. The eyelids will feel stiffer than usual, this is normal. The more stiff the eyelids feel, means the muscles were very weak prior to surgery.

Patients can resume use of contacts when the eyelid closes well and when the eyes feel comfortable to support them. Usually it will take three to four post surgery. New prescription glasses may need to be ordered two months after surgery.

The effects of the procedure leave patients feeling satisfied with their enhanced appearance. The improvement to vision gradually appears after a few months of healing. The visual field is no longer impaired and patients can lead the lives that they were destined to lead.

For more information of the effects of ptosis surgery, visit Dr. Zoumalan. He evaluates his patients’ vision thoroughly and determines treatment that is most effective. Don’t let droopy eyelids hold you back from daily activities, restore your vision with ptosis surgery.

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