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What Causes Ptosis?

Posted On 10/22/2013 by Dr. Christopher Zoumalan

The two types of ptosis are acquired and congenital. Acquired ptosis is most common in aging adults and is related to the weakening of eyelid muscles. Congenital ptosis is present at birth due to the lack of development of eyelid muscles. According to National Library of Medicine, the drooping eyelid can be caused by normal aging, present before birth or result of injury or disease. The damage to the muscles hinder the eyelid from maintaining its position on the eyelid and causes skin to droop. This makes patients look aged, disfigured and less alert even when they are not applying pressure or facial expressions.

Age related weakening of the muscle, trauma or neurologic disease are what cause ptosis to take affect. The most common cause of a droopy eyelid occurs when the tendon attached to the levator muscle, the muscle that lifts the eyelid can stretch, fails to function.

Ptosis may also occur when patients receive lasik or cataract surgery. These surgeries cause the muscles and tendon to be stretched too far and sometimes fail to resume their natural position.

Children are born with ptosis or may develop it due to trauma or neurologic conditions.

People who are looking for a permanent solution for droopiness around the eyes should consider the surgical procedure.

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