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Case presentation: Lower lid ectropion

Posted On 10/21/2013 by Dr. Christopher Zoumalan

Lower lid ectropions can result in a droopy lower lid, resulting in an outward positioned eyelid. This not only changes the appearance of the lid but also results in ocular irritation, red eyes, and often tearing.  The eyelids need to be in a normal position to allow for good tear production and drainage and to allow the eyelids to close properly during each blink. When the lids are malpositioned, they can be very irritating to the eye and result in tearing, pain, and even infections. The lower lid positions can change with age, trauma, sun damage, or prior surgery. They can either be turned out (referred to as an ectropion), turned in (referred to as an entropion) or can be retracted or notched.

This patient below had bilateral lower lid ectropions resulting in tearing.

She underwent lower lid ectropion repair and is now doing well and has an improved appearance to her lower lids and also able to blink well with resolution of her tearing symptoms.

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